Six for Saturday

01.) We, the girls, gathered this week to finish up our Nehemiah bible study and celebrate Robyn's (holding sweet baby K.) birthday a little early with a surprise breakfast. We feasted on bubble bread, piggies in a blanket and my favorite breakfast casserole. This time I split it between two 8x8 pans so we, the fam, were able to eat one for supper too (half plain sausage and cheese, half topped with feta, sun dried tomatoes and chopped artichoke hearts).
02.) Guess what? I got a free MAC lipstick this week!
Did you know MAC has a recycle program? They do, they do. If you turn in six empty MAC containers (lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, etc.) you get a free lipstick. I picked up the same lipstick three times so I took that as a sign that it was the one for me. This time, instead of a beige-y nude, I went with a bit more plum-ish brown color called Twig. I like it but I'm still having a hard time getting used to a darker color. I don't think I can ever break up with neutral shades.

03.) Friday Scott and I had an early morning date to early vote. Woo Hoo!
Warning: No makeup except for Twig.

There was a longish line but it moved really fast, so NBD. I was still glad I brought my coffee just the same. The sad news is that I didn't get an I Voted sticker. I felt a little bit like Sally waking up in the pumpkin patch after the Great Pumpkin was a no-show..."I was robbed!!" (okay, not really like that at all, but still).

I sure liked what Bob Schieffer said at the end of the debate Monday night about what his mom used to say, "Go vote. It makes you feel big and strong."

So, get on out and vote y'all!

04.) We went to one of our favorite burger dives Friday night with friends before going to a CCHS football game. I ate very little--and of course worked out--during the day because I knew I had a date with this:
Meet the Frito Bean Dito burger.

I say, why not put fritos, refried beans, salsa and cheese on a burger?

In related news, I only ate one onion ring.

05.) Thursday I was wearing short sleeves and sweating. Friday evening I was huddled in a frozen ball in the stadium seats. Such is fall in south Texas.

Truth be told, I was woefully unprepared for the elements in my slub knit cardigan, thin t-shirt and tank. Also? I was wearing rolled up boyfriend jeans and flip-flops because I had gotten a pedicure that afternoon and didn't want to risk damaging it with socks and closed toe shoes.

Vanity. Is an idiot.
Oh how I wish I had grabbed a blanket or three before we left home!
It was a great game (side note: Clear Creek is undefeated and it was homecoming) but we barely made it through the first half because we (mostly me) were numb from the bitter cold wind. We left immediately after the halftime show. Good news: Creek crushed Brook 41-28, go Wildcats, go!

And one more random side note: the other school's drill team performed as biker chicks and their dads danced with them as biker dudes.  Yes, you read that right. I must admit it took my brain a few moments to process this, and I will also admit I was not keeping my opinion about the um, inappropriate attire (leather halter tops) / overall theme very quiet nor to myself because Scott kept telling me to shush BUT in my defense the two moms in front of me turned around and agreed with me, so at least I wasn't alone in my shock and awe over what passes as acceptable halftime entertainment at a high school football game.

06.) We went out for breakfast this morning, which you know is one of our favorite things to do.

Except this time we shook things up and went to Denny's.
(I know, do I look thrilled or what? Trust me, I was.)

You know what's even better?

When you can do it for free!

Happy weekending, y'all!


  1. You're just wearing lipstick in that pick? Hello naturally gorgeous!

  2. Those workouts are paying off - you look super slim!!


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