Three Things

01.) I've been avoiding the grocery store these last few several days, not for any real reason, just for the simple fact I didn't wanna go. 

Have I ever claimed to be mature?

So, I pretended to be a grown-up this morning and went straight to HEB after dropping Annelise off at school.
That's really the best time to go because later on in the day it gets crazy crowded (it's a small neighborhood store, not a super size HEB that can handle the masses).

Last time I was there I was annoyed that a sacker *helped* me unload my cart. I guess they're supposed to do that to keep things moving but I like to unload my cart onto the conveyor in an orderly fashion, you know, produce together, dairy and meats together and then pantry items in the futile hope that it will get bagged logically and they will fully utilize the canvas shopping bags.

I know, I am constantly setting myself up for disappointment and frustration.

Today though I got to unload my cart all by my happy little self and the girl sacker did a passable job of filling the totes. FTW.

02.) I had gone to HEB before my morning coffee.

Let's let that sink in for a minute shall we.

After schlepping everything into the house and putting it away I treated myself to my big cup of joe and  one of my favorite shows.
Are you watching Parenthood?

It's probably not normal, nor healthy, for someone (oh, like me) to be so attached to TV characters.

Oh, but I am.

I teared up and choked up and laughed up through the whole show. I can't handle all the goodness.

(If you do watch I'd love to be able to chat with you over coffee about all the Braverman drama, but I don't want to say too much on here in the hopes that if you aren't watching you will start SOON (Netflix streaming for past seasons) and I don't want to be all like, spoiler alert.)

03.) Don't fall out of your chair or anything, but I actually baked something, from scratch mind you, today.

I know!

Honestly, I'm trying not to bake too much of anything unless it's for someone else or an event because let's face it, if it's here in the house Ima gonna eat it, but I decided to take a walk on the wild side today and bake anyway.

I read Big Mama's blog this morning and thought, hey, I have most of that stuff (minus the raisins and coconut), I think I should bake the some Morning Glory Muffins too. But I made the executive decision to wait until Annelise got home so she could help (she kind of loves to do this sort of thing and like I said, baking has been rare lately).

We even used my Pampered Chef apple peeler/corer/slicer thingie that I HAD to have 10 years ago and have used approximately two times. Wait, make that three times now. Annelise thought it was the coolest thing ever, especially since the peel comes off in an insanely long curlicue (which she promptly ate, weird, I know, but true). I also relaxed my highly controlling tendencies (who? me?) and let her crack all. three. eggs.

Say what?

We even had an impromptu lesson about fractions. FTW.

Overall, I'd say our afternoon was a success.

The muffins are really, really dee-lish.

How was your day?


  1. 1. We have a ridiculous county tax on plastic bags so now I always bring reusable bags (I guess that's a plus) but it has made me an insane control freak about how they are packed. So, yeah - I can relate.

    2. Mike and I were scrolling through Netflix last night and I said that I heard Parenthood was good and that a very good source told me so (you!) I'm going to start watching. Are you watching Nashville, by the way?

    3. A. looks SO cute in her uniform and oven mitts holding the muffin tin. Oh my goodness, that is a cute photo.

  2. Love love love Parenthood! Monica Potter and Lauren Graham (loved her since Gilmore Girls) are my favorites.

  3. those muffins sound great (minus the coconut!) gotta make some this weekend! thanks!

  4. Anna: I hope y'all will give Parenthood a whirl--and that you like it as much as I do--keep me posted. :)

    Yes, I'm watching Nashville and I want to love it because I love Connie Britton, AKA Tami Taylor, FNL and I do like it but I'm hoping it gets better.


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