Weekending (A Short List)

Can I let y'all in on a little secret?

It's much easier (and therefore doable) for me to blog in a list format.

You may have already noticed this.

01.) Annelise and her fierce team of fellow soccer enthusiasts tied their game 1-1 Saturday afternoon.

So far their record is 1 win, 1 rain out and 1 tie.

Not too shabby.
It was HOT.

Especially if you were one of the players running non-stop for 45+ minutes.
The good thing is that she loves to play, no matter the conditions, and usually gives it her all.
We celebrated her tie with treats at Dairy Queen. 

As you do.

02.) We're in the midst of some Halloween drama. As in Annelise has no clear vision of who or what she wants to dress up as this year. None. Nada. In years past she's usually settled on something over the summer and has her costume in her hot little hands well in advance of October 31. Since she's not feeling strongly passionate about who or what she'll be, it's hard for Scott and I to get behind shelling out $$$ for something she's barely lukewarm about. We keep trying to talk her into dressing up as a soccer player since she already has the stuff and all she cares about is getting candy anyway but she's tuning us out. We're at a stalemate of sorts.
03.) Scott bought me a new coffee mug (well, I sort of put him on the spot while we were browsing through World Market Friday evening) and it's quickly becoming my favorite (it says good morning. And yes, I fill it to the tippy-top).

04.) Annelise didn't have school Monday so we treated ourselves to a late breakfast at our favorite place.
A bit later we made a beeline to the $1.50 theater to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.
(I know she looks thrilled to be going to the movies, but the truth is she was being blinded by the sun.)
This was my first DOWK movie and let me just say two things:

1. Meh.

2. I'm glad I only paid $3 for us to see it.

But Annelise really, really liked it (she LOVES the books), so that's good.

We then hit Sonic for Happy Hour and headed home for her to start working on her book report rough draft. 

Which was kind of a downer (the homework, not the happy hour).

The writing of said book report may lead to an early demise for one of us.

It's touch and go.


  1. Last week my husband took Mini on a breakfast date to IHOP and I thought of you. :)

    We're indecisive about Halloween for the first time, too. I'm beginning to think it's because his tastes are getting more pricey...his suggestions are getting rejected one after another. Must be rough...

  2. does A want to wear the Laura Ingalls stuff for halloween? she can borrow if she wants...


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