Hello November

Sometimes it's a bit overwhelming to wake up to a whole new month.

But what can you do?

I haven't thought too much about it yet, because a.) the month is just getting started and I'm not a great thinker-a-header and 2.) I hate to set myself up for failure, but I am considering doing my random act of kindness challenge again this year in honor of my birthday.

I'm both excited and intimidated by the whole thing though (both my birthday and the challenge). Can I do 44 random acts of kindness by my birthday? I don't know. Maybe. But I think I will try.

Feel free to join me if you are so inclined (not that you have try to do 44 things, I mean unless you want to, but hey, that's a lot, so do what you can, one is better than none).

Of course I'll keep y'all posted.

I had a few other things rumbling around in my brain to blog at you but they'll either keep for a later post or will suddenly seem much less important as time passes.

Before I go though (I have a cleaning date with some dog hair and dust oh, and my workout, BUT blog and coffee first, priorities are important) I must show y'all our little spy from last night's trunk or treat after church (which was more of a table or treat since it was inside, but whatevs).
She's "in character" and apparently spies don't smile.

But they do eat candy.

It wasn't until she got herself all together in her version of a spy outfit (she's carrying her spy case) that Scott and I realized she looks an awful lot like a Blues Brother.

Minus the tie.

And the harmonica.

Go on...shake yo' tailfeather, y'all!

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