Home Again, Home Again...

(Please tell me you said jiggity-jig, at least in your head.)

We're home.


And I could not resist bringing a little Mickey home with me.

As you do.

(I also brought home cankles, but that's another story.)

Overall, our trip was fabulous (seriously) but it was just as fabulous to be back home (seriously) Saturday evening. 

We made a beeline for Tex-Mex soon after hauling our bags into the house.
As you do.

Seven days is far too long to go without chips and salsa.

And today I'll be tackling this.

A post vacation harsh reality.

(But I know it's not that big of a deal since we are only a family of three.)

Brace yourselves for what I'm sure will be a flurry of Disney posts over the next several days, that is, once I get my thoughts together (or at least attempt doing so), although I didn't take nearly as many photos this time as our first trip in 2008 (you're welcome). Speaking of photos, I debated (fiercely, with myself and with Scott who was thrilled) about taking my big Canon DSLR or just my point and shoot (but also a Canon) and laziness and convenience won out. In all honesty, I'm kicking myself a bit because I know my photos would have been better but I just could not wrap my brain around hauling (wearing) my big camera along for a cruise and four parks plus worry about how to ride rides with it and worry about it getting damaged or stolen. Every time I saw people wielding theirs (and I saw a lot) I was glad that I wasn't, but...now I'm not so smug. Oh well. Hindsight is 20/20.


It felt crazy wonderful to do TurboFire yesterday morning, drink tons of water and eat, well, normally again.

Vacations are great, but it's probably a good thing that they come to an end.

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