My Style: No-Heat Curls (They Are Not An Urban Myth)

I took a break from watching the election returns Tuesday night to do a little research.

You know, about no-heat curl techniques.

Because that's important.

Thanks to my good friend Pinterest I quickly discovered three different methods I wanted to try, the twisted (Bantu) knot method, the sock bun and the low headband wrap.

I tried the twisted knot (like pin curls) first. Not only was it rather awkward to sleep on, I woke up with a 'fro.


So I sported a messy low pony-bun for most of the day.
The next one I tried was the sock bun (shout out to Scott for sacrificing up one of his old dress socks for my whim). Unfortunately, I do not have enough hair (at least not yet) to roll my pony into a sleek puffy bun. I only got like one and a half turns down, and it was all spiky and embarrassed, so I'll have to wait a while to try the sock bun technique again.

After two strikes I feared I was almost out, so all my no-heat curl hopes rested upon the low headband wrap method (cue suspenseful music).

Here I am all wrapped up:
Am I stylin' or what?


But lookit here at the after:
It's crazy isn't it?

I can't believe that it works but it does! Tons of bouncy curls that slowly relax into loose, beachy waves.

Here's a side view of another day.
A few things:

The first time I tried the low headband wrap my hair was dry and I slept on it (first photo).

The next time I blew dry my hair until it was 95% dry, worked a bit of shine product and Moroccan argan oil through it and wrapped it around the low headband, leaving it wrapped for about an hour and a half (we were headed to a matinee). These curls were a bit looser but there were still plenty of them and they lasted the rest of the day, even through a football game that night.

I've only had to touch up a few pieces of my bangs either to smooth them out (that's where my hair is heavily highlighted to cover my grey patch and that section can be unruly) or fix the swooshy curl there.

I don't brush my hair after taking the headband off, just fluff through with my fingers to separate the curls.

It's super quick and easy to do.

Sleeping with the headband on is NBD.

The curls last y'all, for reals.

I'm hooked!

Y'all might be too if you give it a whirl.

(Be sure to let me know if you try it. Good luck!)


  1. Wow, the headband thing does work! Your hair looks so pretty!! :)

    1. Thank you! I was truly surprised that it works, but it does--this changes my whole hair routine--in a good way. :)


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