My Style: What I Wore {Disney Edition}

First things first, I should tell you a few things:

1.) We just got back from a week long visit with The Mouse & Friends.

2.) I'm not a fan of wearing Disney themed merchandise from head to toe (not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not me), a little Mickey goes a long way.

3.) That said, I think a touch of Mickey can be fun.

As I demonstrate below.

Even though it's rather a big Mickey.

(Random sidenote: I actually bought the graphic T on clearance at a Target in Oklahoma while on a road trip with my girlfriends in September.)
Mickey T, maxi skirt, cardi & shoes: Target
chunky red necklace & bracelet: Kohl's
silver bracelets: Twisted Silver & J Jill

 (I wore that Sunday to church, not on vacation, just fyi.)

For our trip, both for the cruise and visiting the parks, I kept things simple, casual and comfortable. 
For the cruise I mainly wore my tankini swimsuit with a maxi dress for a cover up and then for dinners I wore two different maxi skirts, tanks, the denim shirt as a jacket/cover up, my Yellow Box flips and varied my jewelry (Twisted Silver pieces). 

For the parks I wore cuffed boyfriend jeans, 3/4 sleeve t-shirts with a tank, a hoodie for the cooler evenings, my Vera saddle bag and green Keen Toyah mary janes which were comfy like sneakers but not, you know, sneakers. My goal was to be stylishly casual and comfy but not schlumpy.

That's walking a fine line, people.

This time of year the weather was mild during the day, even warmish, so light layers with a jacket for night time would be perfect. I saw a lot of people sporting scarves which was both cute and warm but would have been too toasty for me during the day. Another look I saw a lot and liked was the pulled together sporty look, a la coordinated active attire with running shoes . I was confused though by the popular trend, mostly among the younger womenses crowd of running shorts and hoodies or short denim shorts and boots. They had to be cold at night, is what I'm saying.

And, once again, I feel the need to remind JoAnn Q. Public that leggings are not real pants. Cover your nethers, ladies. At least mostly. Please. Also? Double check your cleavage (from a few different angles, ahem) before heading out to the happiest place on earth that has a family friendly atmosphere. Add a tank or cami, hey even add a bra (don't ask) (but seriously, how are you going to control those things on Space Mountain, is all I'm wondering).

(Okay, deep breath. I guess I got fired up. Sorry.)

In other news, I did cave and bring a bit of Mickey home with me.
They're Crocs (I know!) so they are super comfy and are something of a canvas Toms/Sperry/house shoe hybrid.

I kind of like them. A lot.

However, I worry I may have crossed over that fine line into schlumpyville.

I'm linking up with Lindsey's blog again  this week, be sure to pop over there for tons more fashion inspiration!

pleated poppy

Happy Wednesday, y'all!


  1. LOVE the Mickey crocs! We haven't been to Disney World in almost 5 years now and the kids are trying to convince me we need another trip there for Eliot's benefit, ha-ha. I bet it was fun this time of year!

    1. Y'all should do it! We first thought we'd try and go every five years but after this trip if we wait five more years Annelise will be a teenager and I'd like to have at least one *tweenie* trip before the teen experience.

      It was fun but definitely crowded--is there really ever an off season? Ha!

  2. Super-cute way to wear the Mickey shirt and the shoes are adorable too. Very fun outfits!


    1. Thank you! The shoes are so comfortable, I hope I don't overwear them. :)

  3. Only you could wear Mickey and make it look chic :-)

    1. Oh goodness! Chic? Well, thank you!! I love dressing up graphic or distressed tees with a maxi skirt, it's fun, semi-dressy but still casual and comfy. The weather here in Texas lets me get a bit more year round wear out of them, so I guess that justifies my obsession with them. (?) :)

  4. I bought those same Mickey shoes at Disneyland last year! They totally saved my feet as my trusty Birkenstocks gave up on me. I kind of love them too and I don't think they're schlumpy at all!!

    1. Good to know someone else caved to The Mickey shoes too, I just couldn't say no! :)

  5. You are a crack up, I love the mickey shoes! And all your Disney trip outfits - great job avoiding the schlumps :)


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