My Style: What I Wore Wednesday

 a lot of this week's outfits were my ode to donny & marie, I guess I was feeling a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.

or I'm quite possibly having a mid-life crisis
(my 44th birthday is next week and I keep battling between the voice in my head telling me I am too old to dress this way and the other one saying, "you go, girl!")

so without further ado...
holiday luncheon with friends

cardigan & dress: target
boots: old gringo (christmas gift)
bracelets & necklaces: twisted silver
matinee movie date with scott & dinner & high school football game that night with friends

(and honestly, yes, I feel like a dork smiling directly at the camera and like an artsy dork looking away)
(just thought you should know that)

skinny jeans: banana republic
cardigan: target
DIY distressed t-shirt: goodwill
flats: payless
jewelry: twisted silver
a little mother daughter #ootd after mugs & muffins at church saturday morning (it's a monthly breakfast & devotional for the ladies)

maxi skirt: target
shirt: kohl's
flips: yellow box
necklace & bracelet: twisted silver

and my new favorite no-heat curls!

annelise is sporting a mix of justice, old navy and converse
after church sunday
pattern with a pop of color

dress & flats: target
mustard rose statement necklace: allora handmade
hobo bag: tj maxx
(that's my everyday bag)

there you have it, a hodge podge of edgy rocker meets country girl with a tagalong of pattern, color and comfort.

I guess that's just me.

be sure to pop over to lyndsey's blog for more fashion inspiration!
pleated poppy

happy wednesday, y'all!


  1. Your cowboy boots are adorable, I love them. Also like the yellow shoes and necklace with the magenta dress. Stopping by from WIWW:)

    1. Thank you! I need to wear my boots more often--they make me feel sassy. :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I had technical difficulty - anyway.
      I love, love, love your boots! I admire your style (you are a style mentor btw). And little cutie is stylin' as well. I am in my last semester of nursing school and look forward to having time for shopping...oh how I have missed it. Where do you buy your clothes - if you don't mind me asking?

    2. Thanks so much! Lately I'm trying to shop my closet more, mix and match and only add pieces here and there, like jewelry or scarves to freshen things up. Most of my clothes are from Target, Old Navy, etc., I like to hit Stein Mart, TJ Maxx or Marshalls from time to time too--even Goodwill.

  3. Blog hopping - very nice outfits! BTW you are not too old to wear any of them - I'm 51 and wouldn't hesitate!!!

  4. You look fantastic! If you feel good wearing them WEAR THEM!! I'm a 38 yr old mother of 2 & sometimes I ask myself if I'm too old for something (hello red skinny jeans!!) but if I feel good then I hopefully look good too!

    1. Thank you! You're right, confidence is the best accessory. :)

  5. I say you go girl, go with that voice :) your look amazing! I sometimes worry about "getting too old" to dress how i like, but if i'm looking like you then i'll rock whatever i want :) {stopping from the pleated poppy}


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