Six for Saturday

01.) I started the LEAN phase of CLX this week and immediately noticed a few things, as in, I'm definitely getting stronger but I definitely need to strengthen my core (and, by the way, owww) and it's very challenging to work upper body and lower body at the same time with heavy weights.

But I like it.
And I sweat a lot (snapped after TurboFire yesterday).
And it's totally okay to make duck face in a self-portrait to off set the sweat.
02.) Scott and I had a movie date Friday to see Argo, and to say that I loved it is an understatement. 
Who da man?

Ben Affleck.

He da man!
(That might only make sense if you are a West Wing fan dweeb like me.)

Plus? Not only is it based on real events, it's chock full of excellent actors (including but certainly not limited to Kyle Chandler/Coach Eric Taylor with a bushy 70s do) and the drama, well...let's just say it's intense.

I love America. And Canada.
And movie dates while Annelise is at school.

03.) We went to the last football game of the regular season last night which was a lot of fun (mainly the chatting with friends part) even though we lost (but Creek is still going to the playoffs).
During halftime, while the other team's band was performing, some punk kid--from the other school, so he was totally dissing his own school--busted out onto the field and ran around a la The Streak.


Except he was clothed.

Thank goodness.

You know, for Ethel.

And us.

(Tell me you know what I'm talking about, m'kay?)

It was quite exciting.

Especially when the three sheriffs tackled him and hauled him away in handcuffs.

04.) Annelise and I got up bright and early for Mugs and Muffins (monthly devotional for the ladies) this morning at church.
Which was rather hard to manage after a later night, but it was good (of course!) so I'm really glad we went.

05.) Annelise's soccer team had their last game (tied 2-2) this afternoon followed by a pizza party. Well, they ate pizza and assorted sweet treats at the pavilion there at the sports complex, so it was kind of a party. 

One of the families gave each of the players a basket of treats, which was really nice and thoughtful, and there was this pair of glasses in Annelise's basket, but she might have been the only one that got them (I heard a cry of "that's not fair, why'd you get those" go up) (the family that gave the favors has triplets and one of them is a little sweet on Annelise, so I think he expressed his feelings with crazy googley eye glasses) (as you do) (are you following any of this?).

By the end of the party those glasses had mysteriously disappeared from her favor basket and another girl was sporting them on her way out.

Or maybe there was more than one pair and I made this whole drama up in my head (it's been known to happen).
06.) And in late breaking book news, I am finishing up A Storm of Swords, which is the third book in the Fire & Ice series by George R. R. Martin and have learned a few things, like, I guess I am something of a science fiction nerd after all (but this is mainly knights and kings and wolves and, oh yeah, the undead) and I shouldn't get too attached to certain characters because, well...heads will roll. Literally.

Seen any good movies lately?
Seen any pseudo-streakers lately?
Whatcha reading lately?


  1. I hope your trip is so fun.

    I have read two books in a planned trilogy about post-apocalyptic America after government created vampires wiped out civilization. They are really good, the first is called The Passage and the second is called The Twelve. So interesting.

    Also, just read The Night Circus and loved it so much. So beautifully written and such a different story. Loved it.

    1. I've been meaning to tell you how much I've enjoyed the Game of Thrones series, I'm waiting for #4 from the library. Thanks for recommending it!


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