So Here's the Thing...

Y'all may have picked up on the clues I've laid down over the years that I'm an insecure avoider, a lazy perfectionist, a terrible procrastinator and control freak all rolled up into one highly imperfect human.

Hi there.

Instead of doing the things on my list that I should be doing right now, I'm choosing to blog.

In fact, I don't even have a list.

I only have a few general suggestions of things I'm telling myself I should do rumbling around in the disarray of my brain. But. I'm not listening to myself. I'm blogging instead.

See here's the thing, whenever something big(ish) is looming on the horizon I tend to want to shut down and then cram everything on my (imaginary) to-do list in right before the big(ish) thing instead of doing things in a timely (and um, mature) manner.


Have I not told y'all the big(ish) thing yet?


We're going on a Disney cruise and going to Disney World over the Thanksgiving holiday.

I know!


This year Thanksgiving Day falls right smack dab on my birthday. Or vice versa. Whichever.

So I'll be spending my special day with my two favorite people at Magic Kingdom along with thousands of strangers.

I'm excited, of course, but I'm also, um...not packed.

Of course.

I am, however, already driving Scott crazy talking about the packing.

Which is normal.

So Happy Thanksgiving a little early y'all! Hope your holiday overflows with family, friends and food.


p.s. Even though I will not be blogging next week (though technically I can blog from my phone, yes, there's an app for that) I'm sure I'll be posting pics on Instagram, I'm marathonbird, if y'all want to join me there.

p.s.p.s. Whenever I drop off Scott's dry cleaning I always feel a little bit Betty Draperish (back when she was Betty Draper and not Mrs. Henry Francis) and I always wonder what might be going on behind the huge industrial washer a la Breaking Bad. And speaking of TV, we are so happy that Dish Network resolved its differences with AMC and Scott and I can once again get our zombie fix regularly. What? Watching The Walking Dead with your spouse isn't romantic?


  1. I'm just as bad. We are leaving at 3 am Saturday morning for Hawaii, and I'm sitting here reading your blog!

  2. totes get it-
    I do the very.same.thang.
    Here I should be finishing up a big project... but I'm just reading blogs instead!
    WISH i WAS GOING ON THAT CRUISE WITH YA'LL. wEll & my family too :)

  3. How exciting!! I hope you have a great birthday and a fabulous time at the park and on the cruise!


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