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Is anyone else feeling as jacked up by the whole fallback time change as I am? Pffft. Whoever started that whole let's play with the clocks nonsense clearly never suffered from insomnia. Again, pffft. I felt draggy and just not myself most of yesterday, especially by the afternoon and have been waking up at odd hours and having a hard time getting back to sleep (which does happen to me fairly often anyway but I'm blaming the time change just the same).

I think this is cup number two. And yes, I'm aware it's quite a large cup of coffee, so it's more like cup number four in regular size world. Hush.
Yesterday was so great (at least until I started feeling all draggy) in an almost spontaneous way (which is sometimes the best thing). Last year, the girls and I went to a holiday luncheon at a local church that was not only festive and fun but very encouraging and inspiring too (I tried to link to the post and couldn't find it, so maybe I never blogged about it) and had a wonderful time. This year, we were on a very long waiting list for tickets (it always sells out the first day) and didn't think it was going to happen for us (cue sad faces).

Sunday evening we found out that Robyn's mom was able to get tickets after all--and we could sit at the same table--(cue happy faces!) but only three of us were able to go because of, well, circumstances (cue sad faces again).

There were more than 100 tables decorated to the nines in all sorts of Christmas, holiday, winter-esque themes, so there was a LOT to see and ooh and ah over, then there was a tri-salad lunch and dessert (lemon cake and red-velvet cake balls, oh my!) followed by a highly entertaining musical program and finally the key note speaker, who was Elizabeth George.
She spoke on Romans 8:28 and I must tell you I see that passage in a whole new light now.

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

I wish I had taken notes, but I didn't, so it's all sort of a blur now, but a good blur just the same.

I hadn't read any of her books before but I will be soon. I left with A Woman After God's Own Heart , A Girl After God's Own Heart: A Tween Adventure with Jesus for Annelise (both of those autographed) and another one for me, A Woman Who Reflects the Heart of Jesus, because, hello, that's a pretty good goal to have. My problem (one of many mind you) is that I start out all fired up to read these devotional type books and fizzle out halfway through. Sigh.

In other news, Annelise can hardly handle the fact that her school's first home basketball game is this afternoon and has only reminded me eleventy hundred times. She even wanted me to pick her up early, by fifteen minutes, from her after school art class so she could see the entire game. Um, no. I told her she could finish art and still see plenty of the game, but I'm not sure she believed me.

I think their team is a conglomeration of fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grade boys, I'm a little unclear on that, however I do know that ONCE YOU'RE IN FOURTH GRADE YOU CAN BE A CHEERLEADER.


Annelise has always expressed nothing but disdain for all things related to cheerleading, since she'd rather be the one playing said sport, but it seems that there was a pep rally yesterday and her little friend in fourth grade (who hung the moon apparently) cheered, and well...Annelise's opinion regarding cheerleaders suddenly changed.

And finally, in other, other news, I'm glad I voted early and all, but I feel a little left out today for some reason. And I'm still a little bitter about not getting an I Voted Today sticker (but I'm sure I'll get over it, eventually).

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

And make sure you go vote today (I hope you get a sticker)!

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