Is there a better way to kick off the weekend than with a trip to Sonic for happy hour after school?
Well, if there is, don't tell me.

We were also celebrating Annelise's report card, all As and one B (an 89!!)--in math of all things, which is her favorite subject. But, she was kind of expecting it because she'd had a few assignments where she had either rushed or didn't follow the directions (kind of goes hand in hand with the whole rushing thing) and well...there you go.

I'd had a headache most of Friday (whee!) and was therefore useless most of the day and ended up spending the late afternoon and evening cleaning (whee!) but it actually ended up being highly satisfying because I finally tackled a few areas that were plaguing my conscience. I tried this floor cleaning solution (although I just poured and didn't measure, I like to live on the edge) that I'd seen on Pinterest and it not only worked well, it made everything smell fresh and clean, but not at all like, oh my goodness someone likes PineSol a little too much, which is a good thing.

I got up early(ish) to do my workout Saturday morning and was all dressed and ready (except for wet hair pulled back in a clip, but we can't have it all, can we?) much earlier than my Saturday norm because Annelise was having a friend come over to play.

Say what?

The weekend before she was invited for a sleepover and we all know that we (and by we, I mean me) are not ready for her to do that, so I politely declined but said I'd love to have the girls get together for a play date sometime.

The thing is though, I actually followed through with this one because I can totally get behind Annelise forging a friendship with this particular girl. Sidenote: Why is it that the kids that are always begging for playmates are the ones you don't want your kid spending extra time with? Truth be told, I'm highly selective of who Annelise spends time with and a smidge (okay, more) over protective so she hasn't had many (okay, hardly any) play dates at homes with school friends (but we've done birthday parties, get togethers with parents too, McDonald's lunch & play, etc), but she's 9 now and I am (finally) trying to loosen my white knuckles just a bit.

I said a bit. On my terms.

Anyway. Needless to say, Annelise was beside herself with glee to have E. come over and play! They power winged and rip-sticked...
and trampolined...(I sneaked a photo on one of their breaks from inside, I didn't want E. to think I was weird.)
They took indoor breaks for some serious Lego construction and Super Mario competition.
I pretended to be Fun Cool Mom and served them a muffin tin lunch followed by warm brownies fresh from the oven. Hey, I have my moments, people.
We finished up Saturday with Annelise's soccer game. 
She played strong and gave it her best, even taking a couple of tumbles as she was racing  toward the goal.
Her team had another victory, this time 4-0.
We celebrated at Fuddruckers.

As you do.

Then we all enjoyed an extra hour of sleep (except I couldn't sleep) and we still managed to be almost late to church. That takes skill, y'all, what with the extra hour and only one child that basically gets herself together and all.

How was your weekend?

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