A Little Schwanky

First of all, and I'm certain y'all already know this, we're not fancy people. 
At least not very often.
Like every handful of years.

So when Scott bebopped home (okay, he drives, not so much bebops) a few weeks ago with an invitation for his company's schwanky holiday party I had mixed feelings.

Since we never do those types of shindigs I was intrigued, yet at the same time intimidated by the thought of shopping for a dress and wearing shape wear and heels for several hours. But then again, I thought a dressy night out might be slightly fun and mingling with coworkers would be a good thing for Scott since he's technically still new at his job, you know, schmooze a bit (but just a bit).

The dress code was cocktail or semi-formal.

I decided something in the little black dress family should suffice and I possibly could wear it again.
Someday. Maybe.

However, the idea of schlepping through the mall in search of a dress though nearly did me in.

So I shopped Nordstrom online.

I highly recommend it.

I hemmed and hawed between two or five choices of an appropriate LBD, not too short, not too revealing, but not dowdy or matronly either and of course not too pricey. Scott and I sat one evening with the laptop between us and narrowed down those five choices to one final black lace overlay w/ gold/nude lining sheath dress.

Long story short(ish), it came, it fit and I was planning to wear it but guilt set in because it was pricey and would only be worn once (most likely). Since I still needed to shop for shoes I decided to peruse Stein Mart's dressier section to see if anything jumped out at me and I'd return the Nordstrom dress.

Lo and behold...something caught my eye.

Black lace over beige/nude, drapey neckline, knee length(ish), 3/4 length sleeves and...it was only $50.


I was so sending the other dress back.

I also found my shoes at SteinMart.

(Have I told y'all I love SteinMart? I do.)
I never wear heels if I can help it, much less heels this high, but I figured I could waddle around like Mrs. Wiggins for a few hours for the sake of fashion.

I also hemmed and hawed about sheer hose vs. bare legs and ultimately bare legs (but freshly pedicured tootsies sporting Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI) won. I wore my hair straight but a bit poofier thanks to four strategically placed velcro rollers, bronze dangly earrings, no necklace but  three chunky Twisted Silver bracelets and Lincoln Park After Dark on my nails.

Scott wore his grey suit.
He had it easy.

The party was at the Petroleum Club which is on the top floor of the Exxon/Mobil building in downtown Houston. We snapped a quick self-portrait in the lobby. That's Scott's hurry up and take the picture before people notice face.
I loved the foyer display of trees, trains and twinkles.
We mingled a bit, as you do, then enjoyed a buffet dinner of chicken, fish and prime rib, sides and then dessert and coffee, all of which was quite tasty.
Dinner was followed by dancing.

Some people don't get out much, and when they do...well...it's fun to watch.
We snapped one last selfie on our way out.

All in all it was a fun night.
However, I don't think I'd want to go to schwanky events all the time.
It's a little exhausting.


  1. Score on the Steinmart finds, apparently you do Schwanky right!

  2. i love an occassion to get schwankified!

  3. You look great! Love those shoes. And it is always exciting to find a great dress at a great price. I bought myself a hot little black dress because it was just too good to pass up. But right now I have nowhere to wear it. We're talking about a fancy New Year's Eve, but the cost of fancy dinner and nice hotel is a bit much, with all the Christmas spending. So we'll see.

    I love Lincoln Park After Dark. I've been wearing it on my fingers with a Matte Finisher by Butter by London.

  4. oh what fun....! love the view of the city and the cute photo inside the ornament (I don't get out much either!)


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