Disney 2012: The Parks (Part 1)

After disembarking from our cruise we immediately boarded the Disney Magical Express bus to take us to our resort (and I use the term resort loosely) which for this trip was Pop Century (one of the economy level Disney resorts).
I liked all the kitschy oversized memorabilia that decorated the grounds, fun and campy. Our room was in the 70s themed building which was conveniently located close to the main building and bus pick-up, so that was nice but the entire complex (except for the oversize toys) reminded me of the projects on Good Times, minus the graffiti  and Jimmie Walker busting open our door and shouting "DYNO-mite".

I really don't mean to sound like I'm knocking Disney's budget accommodations, except I suppose I am, but only because they're not truly budget friendly when compared with real-world hotels (a night at a Hampton Inn is much more reasonable, nicer and you get breakfast, is what I'm saying) and our room was possibly comparable to a Travel Lodge or your basic No-Tell Motel (okay, maybe not that bad since it was clean).

We did drive by (well, ride by) the newest economy resort, World of Animation (or something like that) and maybe it would be a better choice since it's the newest. Scott's dream is to stay someday at one of the nicer resorts, like Wilderness Lodge or the Polynesian (or really any of those) because they have Monorail access and can save you valuable park time, but I don't know if we could ever justify the price since you're hardly ever in your room. Downtown Disney is also a good option, and possibly cheaper, but then there's the shuttle bus vs. time dilemma again. So I don't know. What do y'all think?


We dropped off our bags, freshened up a bit and quickly boarded the bus for Animal Kingdom.
We had a date with a certain roller coaster (and a Yeti), y'all might have heard of it, Expedition Everest.

On our first Disney trip in 2008 we discovered that Annelise was an adrenaline junkie, she had (almost) no fear and rode everything she was tall enough for. We were thrilled! We then hit a disturbing rocky patch in 2011 and suffered through a LOT of drama at Universal Studios and then this pattern continued at Fiesta Texas this past summer. Scott and I worried we'd never ride roller coasters or other thrill rides together ever again. Needless to say we approached this Disney trip on very expensive eggshells.


Our little thrill seeking girl is back.

And we didn't have to threaten or bribe her either, so, YAY.

We rode that bad boy twice.

Yeti who?

Granted, Annelise's eyes were closed and she was in a crouched over position for 85% of the ride, but she still declared Expedition Everest AWESOME (!!) and if the wait times hadn't been so bad we'd have ridden it a few more times for sure.

We rode other rides that afternoon but they all paled in comparison to EE.

We really liked the It's Tough to Be a Bug show and the Nemo show was incredible, we missed both of those our first trip, we were glad it worked out this time. It was upon exiting the Nemo show that I had my confrontation with the crazy lady.

It was crowded, of course, Scott was antsy to book it toward the main gate so we could catch the bus to Epcot for our dinner, and we were holding hands with Annelise as we made our way out through the crowd.

To be fair, I was in the wrong too, because as the three of us walked out I accidentally brushed against someone and while I would normally turn and say sorry or excuse me 98% of the time, this time for whatever reason, I didn't. But it was only a brush, a slight shoulder nudge, NBD.

Once we had walked a short way past the exit I felt a kick on my heel. Then another. And one more.

And then another hard kick to my left heel.


As I turned back to see what the what was going on (we were still a happy family of three holding hands, mind you), a baseball cap bedecked lady unleashed her crazy on me, saying something along the lines of how she wanted to make sure I knew for next time (?) that I had almost knocked her daughter (or friend, I'm not sure, the girl in question looked embarrassed and kept her head down) down and that I didn't need to do that. Of course I told her I was sorry and that I didn't realize I'd brushed against her that hard and that I didn't mean to do that, and so forth. Then she darted quickly away without another word. Or kick. Which was probably good because she was crazy, but it left me all kinds of fired up because yes, I should have at least said excuse me right away in the first place, but how is the way she behaved--kicking my heels four or five times--justifiable? Is that a good example for her to set for her daughter (or whomever that was)?

Thankfully that was my only direct confrontation with crazy, although we certainly observed other outbursts, meltdowns and mini-dramas played out along the sidewalks and in the food court lines or gift shops of the other parks, which are always entertaining if for nothing else than the fact you can be glad you're not involved.

We made our way over to Epcot for dinner at TeppanEdo, a Japanese hibachi grill type place, which was good, not only because of the food but because we got to sit down for an extended period of time.
We didn't get to ride anything (we had hoped to do Soarin') because the wait times were too long and by the time we finished dinner the park was closed, so...oh well, never mind.

After a quick late night hot-chocolate at the Pop Century food court we stumbled to our beds and were all asleep before you could say Yeti.

More of our Disney 2012 adventures coming soon...stay tuned.

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  1. Unbelievable! Just reading that made me fired up! Glad you were able to get out of there without any further antics! Her overreaction was certainly uncalled for, in all sorts of ways!


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