Disney 2012: The Parks (Part 2)

Three guesses, and the first two don't count, where did I spend my 44th birthday and Thanksgiving this year?

Okay. Go.
That's right, y'all are so smart, we were at Disney's Magic Kingdom.

And so were thousands of other people.

But what can you do?

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Disney on your birthday, I highly recommend you do it. Even if it's on one of the busiest days ever, just do it anyway. Riding rides, seeing shows, your very own electric parade and magical firework show (it is your own if you choose to view it that way) in honor of your special day plus wearing a Happy Birthday button and having tons of strangers wish you a happy birthday all makes for a rather memorable birthday.

And enjoying all of that with my people made it even more special.
A certain little someone had to have a pair of Minnie ears.
How could we refuse?
I'm thrilled to report that we were able to do just about everything we wanted to do thanks to Fast Passes, patience and a healthy dose of perseverance. We rode a few rides we had missed on our first trip, like Space Mountain (fun but rough and jerky) along with all of our tried and true favorites (Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad) (except for Peter Pan, the wait was redonkulous), saw shows we had missed before (like Stitch's Escape and the Hall of Presidents ) along with some repeats (I know it's corny but I love the Country Bear Jamboree) and enjoyed the live shows and parades.
One way that this visit was different from our first was that Annelise had absolutely no interest in getting character autographs or photos with them (even Phineus and Ferb!) like she did when she was five. That kind of hurt my heart because that proves she's growing up (stop it!) but I was happy to know she enjoyed that before and we have those memories, photos and autographs from 2008 and skipping those long lines sure saved us time and freed us up for more fun. So there's that.
But she still appreciated the magic and found wonder throughout the day, so that made me happy.

We took a little break from the Magic Kingdom in the afternoon and rode the Monorail over to the Contemporary hotel for a traditional Thanksgiving buffet, which was nice. Even though it might seem like leaving the park for a while wastes your overall park time it actually refreshes you (at least it did for us) and since we were planning on shutting the MK down at midnight anyway, in the grand scheme of things two hours away is no big deal.

The food was yummy, we all had some turkey and dressing (and actual vegetables and salad), and the waitress brought me a dessert with a candle in it for my birthday, so that was sweet (I am not one of those people who likes 20 waiters singing at the table so this was actually perfect in my book).
I tried to snap photos (of screens) of us after we finished a thrill ride but I wasn't always fast enough before the screen changed. I did manage to get one of us though on Splash Mountain (back row). We love that ride!
We watched the fireworks that night from the back of Cinderella's castle in Fantasy Land and that's actually a nice viewing spot because it's not as crowded and the fireworks are popping almost directly over you.
We caught the late electric parade (at 11:00) watching from  Liberty Square instead of near Main Street and it was a LOT less crowded than the 9:00 one, we got to see everything close up without having to squeeze between people, so that was wonderful.
Once the last magical, bedazzled and lighted *thing* paraded on by we realized our magical day had drawn to a close as well, which was fine with us at that point because we were all exhausted.

Happy. But ex.haus.ted.

And that my friends, brings us to the end our second day at Disney. One more riveting recap to go...stay tuned, y'all.

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  1. Annelise does look grown up!

    We have been in Disney for Luci's b'day before and it IS fun! We didn't go for her birthday but since it fell while we were there, she made the most of it!


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