Disney 2012: The Parks (Part 3)

I didn't want 2012 to draw to a close without finishing up our Disney vacation recap, because chances are I will get distracted by bright and shiny new things come January twenty-thirteen.

We spent our last day at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
Upon arrival we made a beeline for fast passes for this:
As you do.

(We had to go back later in the day for our turn to ride.)

Believe or or not we did not have to coax Annelise into riding, she was looking forward to it with much glee (and a smidgen of healthy apprehension).

That ride?

Awe. Some. Sauce.

If it hadn't been so crazy crowded and the wait times so crazy long and if they hadn't run out of fast passes we would've ridden it again and again. And then another time. Tip for the future: try the single rider line (when Annelise is a little older we'll definitely try this since you have to split up to ride).

However, we did not have the gumption to ride Tower of Terror, maybe next time.
One unexpected bit of fun happened as we were walking along and noticed a small group setting up for a street show. We decided to watch and it ended up being highly entertaining!

Annelise, who was chosen to play the part of their secretary, was probably equal parts excited and embarrassed but she was a good sport and played along with verve.
It was so cute! The actors did a fantastic job with lots of improv which was hilarious.

The director (in the truck) gave Annelise a stock holder certificate for In The Can Pictures (their film company) worth so many shares valued in Monopoly money. She was thrilled!
The Star Wars attraction (Star Tours) had been updated since our last visit and we all enjoyed that. Overall we didn't buy many souvenirs (it's challenging because almost every ride or attraction empties you out into the gift shop and you're basically surrounded by in your face Disney merchandise 24/7) but we did let Annelise build two droids.
We were able to ride almost everything that we had planned on, see some shows we had missed before and even catch a few repeats, so we were happy.

Our last meal was at the Sci-Fi Drive In, which seemed like a good idea at the time (when we booked it) because it sounded fun but the food was meh and we felt a little rushed.
It was neat to sit in a car and watch snippets of bad 50s sci-fi movies but in hindsight we wish we'd chosen another restaurant (50s Prime Time Diner would have been better, though a repeat).
We also enjoyed walking through the Osborne lights, which is like Clark Griswald on speed, and very much an assault to your senses, but still fun. 
Once Hollywood Studios closed we planned on hopping over to Epcot for their extra hours but chickened out. Not only were we beat, our dogs were barking and the wait time for Test Track was redonk, so we called it a night and had no second thoughts about it.

We packed as much as we could into our three days at the parks and flew home Saturday exhausted but happy. I am so thankful we were able to take this vacation and create more Disney memories as a family. Of course we're already talking about when we might go again, we'd like to go at some time other than the holidays, but not while it's crazy hot. We're tossing the idea of late October to see how Disney does Halloween or early spring, but definitely not during an official holiday and maybe it won't be so crazy crowded.

At least we can hope.


  1. I'm so glad you posted this today, it really amped up my excitement for our trip. I think my anxiety about what to wear/pack/what shoes to bring crowded out my anticipation for the fun of the parks and time with family. It looks like you all had a blast. Love that Annelise got to participate in the street show.

  2. You have to do Tower of Terror next time! It's a lot of fun, my daughter was just a little older than Annelise when we went and she liked it. I would love to go back again, but now that my kids are 17 and 20 I'll have to make my niece and nephew go with us!


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