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In case you haven't heard, Christmas is coming.

Oh, you heard and you're all ready? Pfft.

I hope you can still be friends with such an underachiever like me.

I probably say this every year, and if I do, please forgive me for repeating myself, but we just can't seem to get ourselves together this year. And really? Who cares? I mean, yes, it's fabulous to have all of your halls decked and presents wrapped before Halloween (no, I don't hate you if you're one of those people, expect maybe a little), but we just aren't those people and I guess I should stop feeling guilty for not being that way.

This year we feel extra behind since we were gone over Thanksgiving break and then BOOM it's December like five minutes later and we've been playing catch up ever since.

For the past sweet forever we've bought a live tree and were planning to do the same this year, in fact we were going to pick one out this past Friday night before we wimped out because it was late and we were pooped after shopping at Target (I think it was 8:30) (I know). On the drive home we talked about how expensive live trees were and how we were already two weeks later than usual and how maybe we should just use our artificial tree this year.

Why didn't we just decide that two weeks ago? Because we are dorks.
I had forgotten what a pretty tree it is, even when it's nekked.

Which is how it remains because putting the lights on is a highly complicated process requiring lots of time, especially when interrupted by an impromptu Monday Night Football party. But that's okay, it'll get done. Eventually.

While the guys and kids got together for football, we, the girls, went out for supper at our new Cheesecake Factory where we all got the same thing (which we always do), the Factory Chopped Salad, and then shared cheesecake (which we always do). The flavors sometimes vary, but this time we stuck with our two tried and two faves, Godiva and Kahlua Coffee cheesecake.
Since it's, you know, the holidays, we decided to swap our favorite things, but here's the kicker, we had to keep it under $5 since we'd be swapping 5 things (part of the swap will be by mail) which is wallet friendly but a little bit of a challenge to execute in real life.

Because I know you're dying to know (either way, Ima telling you) I put together a little bag with my favorite pen, Sharpie, Burt Bees lip balm, lip gloss, and York peppermint patties. I really wanted to give Mrs. Meyer's Basil soap but thought that'd be hard to mail and I tried to find a teeny-tiny notebook to go with the Sharpie, but that was not to be.

As for the lip gloss, I searched high and low in Ulta for a multi pack I could separate, and of course the Lorac and Buxom (@ Sephora) sets I liked were sold out and I just couldn't commit to the Stila set, so I settled on something else in defeat.

But, Ulta did yield a few goodies just the same.

Because I know you're dying to know (either way, Ima telling you)...

1. Did you know Ulta has a Benefit Brow Bar? I did not, until yesterday. Yes, I'm a threading convert, but since it was there and I was there, I went ahead and got my brows and lip waxed. The neat thing was, she showed me a few tricks to help me shape my pitifully thin brows, so yay.

2. In a weak moment I decided I could not live without Benefit's Brow Zings (in light), their Bo-ing concealer (also in light) and They're Real mascara (a pure impulse buy, but I love it already).

3. After hearing raves about Kenra hair products, I decided to give them a whirl. I bought the Silkening Mist for when I straighten my hair and their Thermal Styling Spray for when I use my curling iron. I used the mist yesterday and my hair was not only highly impressed, it was very shiny, straight and smooth.

4. In another weak moment I fell victim to the siren call of two OPI nail polishes, You Don't Know Jacques, which is, wait for it...a smokey plum grey and Lincoln Park After Dark which is a wine-y black. I'm already sporting the You Don't Know Jacques and swooning over it.

So the moral of this story is, I should not go to Ulta unsupervised. Or wait to the last minute to shop for my favorite things. Or stress out about Christmas decorating.

Oh well. Live and learn.

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