Six for Saturday

01.) After listening to me sing its high praises for eons, my people finally gave Turbo Fire a whirl and worked out with me Monday evening. Actually, Annelise had done bits and pieces here and there before but it was Scott's first time to get his turbo on and as it turns out, he liked it. He also did a HIIT workout on his own later in the week, so that's great. Since he's started his job it's been hard for him to find (make) time to exercise, what with him getting up early for his commute and then getting home later, but he knows he should. I don't know if TurboFire will be his *thing* like it is for me (even though men are working out to it too), but I do hope he will choose something (since we have several programs from which to choose) and stick with it.
02.) Dinner out with my girls is always a welcome treat but celebrating a birthday is even more fun (it was Kim's, the one in stripes) and La Madeleine is never a bad idea either.
03.) Annelise didn't believe me when I told her to quit touching (hanging, rubbing, etc.) all the handrails in all four Disney parks and then wiggling her loose tooth eleventy thousand times a day or she'd get sick.

I picked her up early from school Tuesday afternoon with a (slight) fever, general malaise and congestion. Wednesday and Thursday passed in a blur of PJs, TV/movies, cold medicine and Kleenex.
However it's a fine line between being too sick for school yet not to sick to go out for breakfast with your mother at Cracker Barrel.

I made the executive decision that we had to get out of the house.

We both stand by my decision.
04.) Fun accessories can make grocery shopping more fun. Or at least you feel better about yourself as you plod through the store (we popped in Kroger on our way home from Cracker Barrel).
Also? I felt obligated to balance out all the fruit and vegetables with Flamin' Hot Cheetos (and Fritos for Annelise, not shown).

I don't even care that they stain my fingers a freakishly long lasting shade of reddish orange, they're quite tasty.

05.) Well, it's happened.

I'm totally hooked on Nashville.

Not that it was that too hard, although I had a few doubts at first, because of the pacing/editing at first (the flow of the stories was choppy, like they were trying to set too many up right out of the gate) and the fact that I can't see Powers Booth (Rayna's wealthy manipulative daddy) without seeing Jim Jones (thanks to the1980 two part TV movie forever seared in my memory) and it was challenging to find a teaspoon of sympathy for Hayden Panettiere's Juliette.

But I am obsessed with adore Connie Britton and even though Rayna is not Tami Taylor, she's a close second.

And don't forget all the music and unrequited love (Scarlett and what's his name, her song writing partner) and Very Easy on the Eyes And He Sings, Deacon.

06.) In late breaking holiday news, I came close to an anxiety attack the other day when I peeked at the calendar and realized how swiftly Christmas was approaching (not that I should be surprised both by the fact it's coming nor the fact I'm unprepared) and the fact we had 1/2 white lights strung on our house along with a scarecrow and several half dead mums sitting on our porch which is not only festive but classy.

We're planning to get our tree this weekend, even though it's humid and upper 70s and it's really difficult for me to get excited about picking out a Christmas tree while I'm sweating. So we'll see.

I'm desperately trying to find my holiday groove through music and thanks to Annie I recently discovered the genius known as Spotify. I barely know what I'm doing but I've managed to subscribe to a few playlists and threw together a holiday mix of some current faves.

Happy weekending, y'all!

*What's your guilty pleasure junk food (a la flamin; hot cheetos) of late?*
*Are you watching Nashville?*
*Do you use Spotify? Any Tips? Wanna share music? (um...but how?)*
*What's your favorite holiday song/artist?*


  1. I have never heard of Nashville or Spotify...hmmm. Your grocery cart contents resemble mine. I always have mainly produce and then we each pick a treat for the week. Griffin frequently chooses Friots and Luci always chooses ice cream. My treat has to include chocolate or sometimes I will get wine.

    Luci got sick recently after she did a school service project in a nursing home and I KNOW it is because she touched things in there. I think it's a great service learning idea, but not for flu season!

    1. We HAVE to have treats (junk) with our good stuff or the good stuff is no fun at all.

      The flu--yuck! Thankfully Annelise just had cold/congestion.

  2. I love Nashville - love the pretty hair and clothes, the story line, the music, the locations. But don't the characters have too many similarities with celebrities in real life? (real life?) It's kinda cheesy to have a Tim Tebow-esque character but I'll still dvr it and watch with a little bit of giddiness.

    1. Rayna reminds me of Faith Hill for some reason. I'm a little offended they (Nashville writers) allude to Tammy and Patsy but have yet to mention Loretta. The nerve.

      I wonder who Juliette is based on, Taylor Swift? Not for behavior but pop crossover and age?

      I was seeing Tim Tebow too, for sure.

  3. I think it is so cool that y'all worked out together! Travis seems to have no interest in doing any of my workouts with me.

    I have not watched Nashville. We don't really watch current series TV. Lame.

    I love Christmas music. I have 200 songs on my playlist. Some are the same song by different artists. (You can guess how awesome Travis thinks that is0. O Holy Night by David Crowder Band is our favorite this season.

    1. Scott's even doe a few more TurboFires since then--YAY!

      I just *discovered* David Crowder Band this year--I really like them!

      I think I have Baby, It's Cold Outside on my list four or five times, love that song.


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