Girlfriend Getaway 2013: Granbury

The Flamingos flew the coop (pond? reserve? zoo?) back in September for a little weekend getaway and then I never blogged about it.

Hangs head in shame.

Heather, Robyn, Kim and I headed north then west and Lacie and Lyndsey headed west and south, respectively.
The four of us stopped for lunch at a wonderful little place in Huntsville for some delicious country cooking. I still think about that coconut cake we shared.
We eventually arrived in Granbury (the GPS told us a farm road way to go that seemed to take just this side of forever, oh well, live and learn) and were finally ALL TOGETHER again.

We stayed in a little house near the town square which was convenient.
After we settled in a bit and caught up with each other (as if!) we set out to fill our grumbling tummies with some pizza.

As you do.
As it turned out our eyes were much bigger than our stomachs or their pizzas were ginormous or we didn't have a clue how much we were actually ordering (two larges? really?).

Or maybe all of the above.

Later we were on a mission at Dollar General and a stinky grocery store for essentials like coffee mugs (the cottage was only stocked with styrofoam cups, WHAT?), aviator sunglasses and half and half.
Saturday was filled with lazy morning chit chat over coffee and egg muffins which led to lunch which finally led to getting ready for the day afternoon of shopping without husbands or littles distracting us or rolling their eyes at us or checking their watches or sighing.
We went back to the cottage to freshen up and change for supper and a show.
And by a show I mean Granbury's community theater's production of Steel Magnolias.

We wore ourselves out laughing and talking and eating and drinking coffee and laughing and eating some more.

It was divine.

The weekend flew by, as all good things tend to do, too fast and we were soon packing up our cars to head back to our real lives. We don't usually say goodbyes, we hug and smile and cry (though not usually me, not that I don't want to cry, I just can't seem to muster up tears) and say see y'all soon.

Here are a few more photos from the weekend, enjoy!

(I hope this slideshow works, if not maybe the link works better.)


Christmas 2013: Wrap Up

I'm feeling a strange pressure to wrap up various Christmas-y loose ends. Why? I guess it's the sunrise of a new year looming on the horizon (really? 2014?) acting as a heiny kick.

So without further ado…

We took photos for our Christmas cards and I never blogged about it. And by taking pictures I mean bullying my people into posing and stressing about where to set up the tripod on a cold December afternoon when there was football to watch.

Thankfully a nearby park offered a few choices.
We were going for whimsical and ended up awkward with a lamp growing out of Annelise's head.
There was also a lot of complaining along the way which was not, thankfully, documented on our final card.
We finally settled ourselves on a blanket (hey! I remembered a prop!) in front of a pond and snapped several, one of which ended up on our card.
Before collapsing in a heap of relief that our Christmas card photo session was over.

Until next year.
Moving along to Christmas Eve…

Annelise prepared food for Santa's reindeer.
None of our cookies were homemade (deal with it) but Santa nibbled just the same.
Christmas morning started with a flurry of excitement over a certain stocking.
It was filled with art supplies, lots of rainbow loom bands, a tiny microscope and sweet treats.

Then it was game on for opening gifts from under the tree.
Yes. That was a pink BB gun you saw.

And a camo metal detector.

We gave my dad a portable bluetooth speaker, Peggy a Scentsy warmer and a few scent bricks and a Nutribullet for them both.

We enjoyed egg and sausage muffins and bubble bread (not pictured) (I really did a poor job of documenting this year) (oh well) before getting ourselves together and heading over to my dad's house for lunch with Peggy's side of the family.

I took a few games in the hopes we might play something instead of just watching sports on TV.

Who am I kidding?

Scott and Annelise were good sports and played a few rounds of Spot It (love that game!) but that was it.
Annelise and Cole and Colin played basketball or football all afternoon in between eating breaks and everyone else was glued to some basketball game on TV. Oy!

Most of the days following Christmas were spent in in various forms of laziness, the only rule seeming to be was stay in your jammies all day.
Even if you get a sudden urge to go test out your new metal detector be sure to wear your #christmasjammies.
Which brings us to Saturday which found us taking a day trip out to the country (Waller) to see Scott's sister and brother.
Annelise was, of course, showered with more presents, one of which was a new Lego set.

Legos wait for no one, so she got down to business.
Which soon resulted in this.
We spent the day visiting and snacking and eating steaks and so forth.
Annelise jammed her finger playing football with Scott and Uncle Ron, but was still all smiles. Yogi tried to keep her spirits up as well.
It was a great day!

Our days are blurring together and we're only venturing out for sustenance and occasional and very selective interaction. Like church and Tex-Mex. 

Scott and I had a spontaneous date last night to the movies (American Hustle, quite good) and Steak and Shake (still not a fan). We want to see  Saving Mr. Banks (not sure Annelise could/should see it with us) and The Hobbit (I'm having a hard time committing to an almost three hour movie).

I've finished four (five?) books over the holidays (a whole post on books to come), which is either awesome or a testament to my general laziness (I might still be in my pjs and it's 10:15 the night after changing into them, you do the math).

And with that I think Christmas twenty-thirteen is all wrapped up.

How have your holidays been? Blurry and lazy like mine? Isn't it wonderful?


Merry Miscellany

The last few days have been a bit of a blur.

What, you too?

We don't usually stop at Starbucks for treats (believe me, I used to almost every day when I was addicted to their vanilla lattes) but we did scream by last week for a gift card and red cup for Annelise's teacher (no photo but I've been doing the same thing for the last couple of years, a Starbucks gift card tucked inside a Vera Bradley ID holder and wrapped up with chocolate inside one of their festive red cups and tied up with ribbon and a cute shipping tag).
So I let Annelise get hot chocolate, which was a fun treat.

Her spilling it in the car two minutes later however was not (thankfully it wasn't too big of a mess AND she still had plenty to drink).

Our animals are infatuated with our tree (well, Sadie, our dog could care less).
If you are looking for one of our cats, or our rabbit, you'll probably find them hanging out under the tree. I guess the tree brings out their repressed wild side?
It felt wonderful to finally mail out a little bit of merry last week.

Better late-ish than not at all!
I wish the mail box was one of those old fashioned ones so I could have opened it after dropping in each one like Sally Albright (name that movie).
Annelise's class party had a snowman theme so in a fit of long ignored craftiness last week I made some simple bag toppers for Snowman Soup (which looks suspiciously like the fixings for hot chocolate). It had been forever and a week since I had stamped anything, much less colored with my markers, so it was fun to blow off the dust and do something Stampin' Up-ish.

Speaking of Annelise's class party, it was last Friday and was a whirlwind of snowy fun.

I had offered to help with the games or craft which turned out I was in charge of them. I was a little nervous planning something since this was my first time to help with a party at her new school (meaning what were the expectations, are their parties usually OTT (over-the-top) or simple and fun).

I searched Pinterest and Google for snow-y games and finally settled on four or five Minute to Win It type games with mini-marshmallows. I also had holiday bingo and M&Ms as an emergency backup.

The kids enjoyed pizza and sweet treats first then it was game on.
First they played Snowman Stacker where they had to build as many three decker snowmen out of mini-marshmallows as they could in two minutes.
Next up they had to Shovel Snow by using a straw to suck up their marshmallows and transfer them to their cup. We did this one twice, two minutes the first time and then one minute the second.

They were so quiet and intently focused. Loved it!
Our time was a bit crunched so I decided on the fly to skip the Snowball Toss (taking turns tossing their marshmallows across to their partner's cup), plus I thought it might get too crazy. 

The last game was following directions to draw a snowman on a paper plate, but the catch was the paper plate was on top of their heads. What?

They thought this was hilarious! It was.
So I'd say their party was a hit. I'd also say that I was a sweaty heap (small room, lots of bodies, for the LOVE).

They had early release and Annelise was beside herself with glee to have been invited to a classmate's Christmas party that afternoon. There were about four other girls from her class and they had the best time making ornaments (an I Spy glass ornament filled with trinkets and glitter snow--for the LOVE-- and tulle puffs), decorating cookies, playing games (snowman wrap and reindeer antlers out of balloons and pantyhose--that was HILAR and just having fun together and being silly girls.

This was the first time Annelise was invited to something outside of school this year, so I was really happy for her. I think several friendships in her class had been pre-established so it's taken her a little while to find her niche. 
I love it when the house is still asleep and the tree is twinkling.
And who was out bright and early this morning to do a little shopping on Christmas Eve?

Was it me?
Because I'm just crazy that way.

(Actually it wasn't that crazy and I only had a few stops--but one of them was the mall.)
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