Five for Friday

Like The Cure said, "Friday I'm in love..."

That's totally random and popped into my head once I titled this post.
I know, how highly 80s of me.

01.) Speaking of love though...
This girl. And homemade chocolate chip cookies. Does life get much better?

I may have finally found the perfect chocolate chip recipe based on the original Nestle Toll House (and of course you have to say it like Phoebe did on Friends after Monica baked eleventy thousand batches)

Anyway. It's a version of Nestle's back of the bag, Lindsey's recipe with 2/3 cup oatmeal (but not the white chocolate, though that sounds dee-lish) and Mel's recipe with the vanilla instant pudding and milk chocolate chips and the result, in the words of Chandler Bing, they are perfection (of course he was talking about gum to Jill Goodacre while trapped in an ATM vestibule).

02.) Did you know I love to sneak away and take myself to the movies?  I do. Well, I guess I'm not really sneaking away from anything except the laundry or other house chores, but whatevs.
I did just that yesterday and went on a date with Bradley Cooper.

Although he'll always be Will Tippen to me.

(Any ALIAS fans?)

It was funny, sweet, sad, highly dysfunctional and a bit too much swearing with a side of dancing.
03.) You heard it here first, I'm committing to send more good mail this year.  Or start sending it again since I pretty much stopped these last few years. I used to be so much better at writing notes--on real paper--with ink!--and sending little treats occasionally and I miss doing that.

So I'm bringing it back.

Pen pals anyone?
04.) This is Spooky, one of our two cats (Spunky is her sister), and she has had quite the ordeal of late. What started as a skin irritation under her collar back in October has dragged on and on and has left her looking more like the cat from Pet Cemetery (the one Stephen King book I could not leave in my room once I finished reading it way back when). She's scratched her neck to pieces (along the sides and under her chin, not seen in photo and you're welcome, believe me), has been more reclusive than normal and leaves a trail of scabby fur bits wherever she goes. We've been giving her steroids (a la Lance) and changed her diet which helped at first, but then she'd flare up again.

Today, she had her third vet visit and along with a new pill she is now sporting nail guards on her back claws to help stop her from scratching herself to bits. Fingers, er...paws crossed this helps.
05.) Okay, me seeing two movies in one week is so totally not the norm, but since Scott was off today (his having every other Friday off is so rad) we went to the early bird show of Zero Dark Thirty. I feel weird saying it was good since it involves such real life difficult truths like torture, but it was interesting watching everything unfold and see how persistent Jessica Chastain's character (the CIA officer, Maya) was and seeing that singular focus finally pay off. But parts were definitely uncomfortable and disturbing yet you (at least we) were left feeling proud of all the unnamed people working behind the scenes and risking their lives to stop OBL.

And? I really want a pair of REAL Ray-Ban aviators like Jessica Chastain sports in Afghanistan.
We also hit Ghengis Grill for a late lunch and when we got home I wondered why our house smelled so, um...mulled ciderly. As it turns out, I forgot to blow the candle out before we left three+ hours earlier.


Close call.

Sooooo thankful everything was okay!!

Happy weekending, y'all!


  1. What a delightful post Holly, I understood all your references and smiled fondly as I thought back to those early FRIENDS episodes. I still think of Bradly Cooper as Will too! I always think he needs to be wearing glasses.

    I can't even tell you how delighted I am to see you using your good mail labels and to know you'll be sending more good mail this year. My good mail sending ways took a huge hit when I started working, but I've been recommitting myself lately too.

  2. Cute post! I frequently say when I read your posts we could be real life friends! I always say, she loves to read, likes makeup/clothes, indecisive, spontaneous, loving mother....just real. Okay...that sounds a bit stalkerish. Anyway..penpals...sure! :) We are instagram friends. (krivsky4)..no blog..just facebook/instagram now. Have a good day! Sue


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