Five for Friday

01.) So...it's 2013. Obvs, now that we're four days in and all. I hope your new year is bright and sparkly!

I'm stewing and brewing on thoughts, goals, resolutions and what have you, but so far nothing has been decided nor committed to paper. Sadly, this is my pattern. I've even been testing various words in the (feeble) hopes of choosing one for my word of the year. It's a lot of pressure to put on a word plus it's terribly difficult to pluck only one out of so many worthy contenders (cue Marlon Brando voice, "I coulda been a contendah!") (name that movie). 
02.) Annelise went back to school Thursday. It was a rude awakening for both of us. 

She was excited to see her friends (of course) and turn in her book report (we both think homework over the holiday break bites) (technically she could have finished before the holidays but in typical form we put it off).
03.) I made a new reading challenge for 2013.  Have you made yours yet? I ended up reading 48 books last year and came this close to setting my goal at 50 or 52, but that would mean at least one book a week and that seemed like too much pressure. I settled on my age, 44, if I go over, great, but that still gives me wiggle room. I'm also challenging myself to read more nonfiction this year, not sure what exactly, but I'm thinking something by David McCullough might be a good place to start. Any recommendations? I'd sure love some!

And on a related note, I recently finished Belong to Me (pictured) and am currently enthralled by her latest book, Falling Together. Highly recommend Marisa de los Santos.
04.) Yesterday I came undone.

At least for a little while.

If you haven't seen Les Miserables yet, well, make haste to correct that. What can I say? It was, to use a totally overused word, amazing. I had never seen the musical before, although I had read the book (well, okay, the abridged version, gasp) and seen the movie with Liam Neeson, which was so-so. The songs add such a deeper dimension to the story, I had no idea what I was missing (now I do).
05.) My first run (er...wog) of the new year is on the books. Four miles on the fourth.

I'm hoping (planning) to make this a much more regular thing. Again.
Annelise and I got new kicks for Christmas, almost matching Nikes (mine are Lunar Glide 4s, very light weight and more of a free style shoe). I've done my TurboFire workouts in them but haven't hit the streets in them yet. I'm eager to see how they do (rotating them in with my Mizunos).

Well, I guess that's more than enough drivel for now.

Happy weekending, y'all!


  1. I thought about setting my age as my goal, but I don't think I can do it. I only went one book over my goal last year - 26 books, so I kept it the same this year at 25. Maybe if I blow that one out of the water then I'll change it up next year. Here's hoping I find some books that I devour in a day like the Hunger Games books! Those were quick adds to my count last year!

  2. I am almost finished with my first book of the year, Sutton, by JR Moehringer. Wonderful novel about a bank robber released from prison. I also loved his first novel, The Tender Bar. He also co-wrote Andre Aggasi's biography. Happy New Year!

  3. we loved frindle! husband read it out loud to us all years ago. such fun! has she read phantom tollbooth yet? she will prob like it too! lots of plays on words


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