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Last week I finally tackled something that had been haunting me for years.

Because I am nothing if not timely.


This armoire sits quietly in our bedroom, as all good furniture should. There are shelves at the top and drawers on the bottom and I use it for jeans, pajamas, undies and whathaveyou.
The top shelf is where my perfume and jewelry lived.

It was not a happy place at all, what with all the clutter and piles and tangles and mess.

Which was not frustrating in the least.


For a good long while I looked longingly at the clever and beautiful ways Lindsey, Meg and Paige came up with to store their jewelry and of course followed the go-getter approach of doing nothing.

Until last week.

Thanks to a plain bulletin board from Hobby Lobby and my quilting pins (no, I don't quilt, I mean, at least not any more and I also mean I never finished my first quilt from 2002) this now graces our bedroom wall.
It's like art.
Wearable art.

And it's making me insanely happy.
I love seeing my current faves on display and so easily accessible. I spent so much time digging through stuff, now I can just grab and go. Fabulous!

Side note: I also have a cloth pocket shoe organizer hanging on the back of our bedroom door that holds scarves, belts and other jewelry that I don't wear that often, those clear plastic shoe organizers are wonderful for lots of other uses than just shoes (like in the pantry, bathrooms with cleaning supplies or medicine, or for small craft supplies).

A lot of jewelry that I never ever wore any more or that was broken was thrown away (why was I keeping it?), I passed down a few things to Annelise and gleefully organized the rest.
Favorite bangles now rest on milk glass.
Earrings now hang on hobnail and depression glass. Smaller post earrings are inside the green glass.
My favorite chunky silver rings are no longer lost among the fray but stacked on a ring holder (a novel idea, no?) and a few other small pieces are in the crystal heart.
This project was simple, fast, cheap (the board was 50% off at Hobby Lobby and I had everything else),  the end result looks nice (yes, I could have covered a plain board with linen or burlap,  and used nicer tacks or pins which would definitely fancy it up more, but that would have required a bit more effort on my part) and most importantly...it's DONE.

Is it weird that when I visit my newly organized space I clap my hands, squeal with unabashed glee and possibly dance a little jig?




  1. So many pretty accessories!! I finally hung my necklaces on the cute knob hangers Travis bought me for Christmas in 2011. And it makes me deliriously happy to see them all hanging so nicely.

  2. It looks great! I've been wanting to make a jewlery organizer FOREVER, but have yet to get around to it! ;)
    Love yours!


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