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Believe it or not, I do not have the constant urge to re-do or redecorate our home.

I get things the way I like them and I tend to leave them that way for a good long while.

I mean, sure, occasionally, I want to switch things up or get carried away with I Want It-itis.

And, yeah, sure, a new couch would be rad.


But I'm making a (more) concerted effort to be content.

So with a little effort (not always my strong suit), a bit of strategic rearranging and the addition of a few new finds (on sale!) it feels like we've spruced up our family room just by freshening up the mantel and wall decor (more on that in another post).

(Does that make any sense?)
The ginormous clock (because go big or go home is often playing on repeat in my head) is from Marshall's/Home Goods and the open frame and letter S are from Hobby Lobby. Everything else is the same. Ish. I just swapped stuff around a bit and the canvas is just leaning now instead of hanging on the wall. The smaller photos are from our trip to New York two years ago (sob, time flies!) but they still make me happy.

It's a little busy.

I know.

I'm okay with that.

Stay tuned...more family room changes coming soon.


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