Monday Miscellany

In keeping with the theme from my last post and the general speediness (and greediness) of time, our weekend was a bit of a blur. Not that we were unusually busy or had anything to do that was out of the ordinary, yet we blinked and here we are at Monday again.

Sometimes I think I should only blog the *big* things that happen in our family, like milestones or trips or accomplishments  and skip the mundane, but then I would hardly ever blog because 90% of life happens in the mundane, ordinary moments. You know? 

So I blog about them. So be it.
Annelise and I popped into the library after school Friday to pick up a few holds that were ready for me (I know I've told y'all before about my infatuation with the online hold system, it's fabulous, and you should see if your local library has one, it totally elevates the library's street cred) and Annelise picked up a few more Geronimo Stilton books. They're a formulaic adventure mystery series involving a mouse, Geronimo, and sometimes his sister Thea. The thing is, like always, they're fairly quick reads and certainly not very thought provoking or brain growing, but Annelise loves them. She would much rather read 10 short easy books over committing to a longer, more developed book that she might read over several days (or longer). She's all quantity over quality right now.

How do I encourage her (without coming on too strong, which, hello, can happen) to choose a more challenging book--and stick with it? We keep trying different genres, authors, topics, to no avail, especially if it's a book of more than 100-200 pages. Imagine my frustration. 

However, we did start reading The Hobbit out loud as a family, and although it might take us just this side of forever since we just finished Chapter 1, we certainly are enjoying the story.
Here I am Saturday morning on my way home from Mugs and Muffins (a monthly devotional/breakfast for the ladies at our church). The topic this month was modesty and body image, which is always relevant since we live in a world that constantly skews our perspective. 

I think in this photo I am sporting day 4 hair, but thanks to the miracle known as Suave Dry Shampoo I was able to hide that fact. I lightly spray the underside of my hair, mainly the roots and along the sides of my face, let it sit a few minutes, then brush though and add a few curls with my curling iron and BAM, I'm out the door. Y'all should try it, such a game changer.
You know how you tell yourself you wish your family played more board games together more often like other families but then you don't do anything about it? Yeah. That's us.

(We do play games together it's just not a regular thing and there's usually a big dry spell in between, so it's not like never, but there's certainly room for improvement, isn't there always?)

Saturday night we actually followed though with our (my) intentions and gathered around the dining room table to play a few rounds of Dutch Blitz (a fun, fast card game). I almost lost my people when I said why don't we play something else and then proceeded to wrench Quiddler and Settlers of Catan from the bottom of the game shelf, still in their plastic wrap. No one wanted to learn a new game, no one was interested in either of these, but I soldered through just the same and broke through the plastic on Catan. There was barely a whisper of interest as I set out the board and divvied up game pieces, we almost threw in the towel as we tried to make sense of the directions (easy to follow they are not) but we rallied and gave Catan a fighting chance.

By Round 2 Annelise confessed that this game might not be so bad after all and after a few more rounds we were completely hooked and hated to call it quits for the night. Y'all. Catan is so much fun! We had no idea! We are losers!

We'll pick up where we left off tonight after supper (Annelise has already set this in stone).

How was your weekend?
Any must-read-can't-put-down book recommendations for the 9 year old?
Have you played Settlers of Catan?
What are your favorite family games?
Is it gross to not wash your hair for 4 (or 5) days?


  1. Our family likes Settlers too! But we found another game we have enjoyed a lot more...and it's not as long to play...it's called Ticket To Ride. We have the Europe edition, which sounds like it has a few more additional features than the original America edition. Maybe your family would like it!

    1. Thanks for that recommendation! I will definitely check out Ticket to Ride: Europe, it sounds right up our alley. :)

  2. My teen recommended the Series of Unfortunate Events. Anne of Green Gables is great also. I use that dry shampoo to stretch my everyday washing to every other day, but that is all I can handle. I have fine hair.....

    1. Thank you! She read the first two Lemony Snickets and really liked them but lost interest while reading the third one--I was crushed because she had really liked them at first. Maybe we'll try again. I'd love for her to read Anne, maybe together. We loved the movie!

      Yes, I think I can cheat a bit longer because my hair is coarse. At least it helps you stretch to every other day--that's a huge time saver. :)

  3. My hair does not have a lot of body, so I wonder if Dry Shampoo would even work for me. Your hair looks fabulous.

    My kids love Geronimo too. My 10 yo daughter loves the Warrior series, but she loves almost all books.

    1. It might be worth a try, it actually adds some texture and volume.

      We'll have to look for the Warrior series next library trip. Thanks!


  4. I was so excited when I read in your previous blogs about using Suave Dry shampoo and had to give it a go for myself. Consider yourself a lucky girl because my hair does not make it past day 2. It just becomes ick and demands to be washed with suds. I must say I love the refreshing scent. I still use it to give my hair some extra body. BTW I love your necklace in your pic.
    And board games are great. We played board games when I was a little girl and I cherish those memories.

    1. Oh...sorry it doesn't work for you longer than that, but at least it helps you stretch shampoos out somewhat, I guess. :) I'm all about anything that saves me time styling my hair!

      Thanks, the necklace is the Flatiron from Twisted Silver. I may or may not be addicted to their jewelry.


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