The Urge to Purge {Round 1}

I am so disgusted with myself.

Well, I suppose that sounds overly harsh.

Does it sound better if I say I'm disappointed with my choices?

(You know, along the whole love the sinner, hate the sin vein.)

Either way, I am ______ with me.

Case in point: last week I bought a large box of 30 gallon trash bags so I could start a 40 bag in 40 days (or something) project, you know, go on a huge purge bash around the house and de-clutter and organize and whathaveyou.

By Saturday Scott asked me if the (unopened) box was going to sit on the table forever.

So I moved it to the laundry room counter instead.

I finally tore open the box this morning in an effort to simplify my side of the closet.
I spent 30ish minutes weeding through my clothes of things I no longer wear, haven't worn in a year, never should have bought in the first place, et cetera and managed to fill up one bag almost to it's limit.

And if you look on my side of the closet you can hardly tell.

I still have too many clothes.

I plan on making another swoop (and having Scott do his side) before heading out to Goodwill, and this time I must show no mercy to myself, really go into hard core purge mode. To be fair, I do keep summer and winter clothes in the same closet, so that might be why it looks like I barely got rid of anything, but I know I should make another purge just the same.

I know I almost always wear variations of the same types of things (t-shirts, casual tops, tanks, cardigans, jeans, dresses for church) so why do I hang on to other stuff? How much can I possibly ever wear? Why do I buy more? How much do I really need? That's what makes me sick when I realize the casual spending that's taken place over time on things I did not need, but I wanted at that moment.

It's shameful.

I think about how small the two (two!) closets were in my grandparent's house and how there was still room to spare. They each had a small assortment of every day clothes, some older things for gardening/house work and church clothes. That's it. And they were content.

I truly only need a handful of basics, tanks, t-shirts, a few long-sleeved tops or things I can layer, light sweaters, jeans, and a few dresses to rotate through for church.

But can I let most everything else go?

Can I?

Will I?

Could I be content?

The thing is, I'll probably weed out, simplify my closet, commit to no more less frequent clothes shopping do well with that for a few months and then I'll get the itch for something(s) new and things could spiral back out of control.

Which is eerily similar to the exercise in the morning bake cookies in the afternoon and eat pizza for supper cycle.

Highly self-defeating.

Not that I'd know anything about that.


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  1. Me too! For my whole family! I feel like I am constantly filling bags with things to give away, yet the clutter never diminishes. It is a major battle for me and all wrapped up in my spiritual life, I know.


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