Leftover Tuesdays (are for the birds)

I just finished some mexican meatloaf (from this yummy--and easy--recipe) for lunch. If I get deathly ill then I'll know one week is too long to stretch leftovers. Do y'all follow a leftover rule? Like three days and toss no matter what or wait until it turns green and fuzzy? I guess I fall somewhere in between, most leftovers get tossed after a week or so depending on what it is. In my defense, it still smelled and tasted okay, but I smothered it in salsa, spinach and blue corn tortilla chips just in case.

Speaking of food, I've been struggling, as per usual. Sigh. Good days, bad days, good mornings, bad afternoons, all around bad days, a few good days in a row then off the rails again. Sigh.
For example, I'll have my green smoothie and feel smugly happy for making such a healthy choice then  grab the Cheetos (flaming hot, BAM) a few hours later and feel totally gross (and have brightly orange stained fingers). Ugh.

Last week, in a fit of wild rage, I ripped all of Annelise's screen privileges out of her hot little hands (not literally). No TV, iPod touch, Nintendo DS, computer, et cetera, et cetera...et ceteRAH until I change my mind--and of course see an improvement in her attitude, behavior and personal responsibility (you know, the important things). So we'll see.

Also on that same day, but later, I found myself sobbing (varying levels from watery eyes to ugly cry) throughout a documentary on President George H. W. Bush (it was called 41). I have no explanation for my woe, I didn't know I even had strong feelings about him, but apparently I do. Or I'm extremely hormonal. You decide.

Every year Annelise's school has an auction and every year I end up helping her class with their art project which I alternately love and hate doing. This year it was somehow decided that both classes would do the same project (and I would do both, ahem), which was, well for lack of a better term, birds sitting in a tree with something each child (um...bird) is thankful for written on a leaf.

I guess they turned out all right.

This is how they looked before I Mod Podged them.
What do you think?

I guess it's good advice, when in doubt, put a bird on it.

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

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  1. LOL I've never seen that clip. Hilarious.

    I can relate to almost everything in this post. Except my flaming hot Cheetos are really Salt & Vinegar chips.


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