Six for Saturday

01.) I jumped back on the green smoothie wagon this week after a rather long hiatus. I had forgotten how good they really are and how much better I feel when I drink them regularly. My current mix includes one cup almond milk, two(ish) cups spinach, one leaf of kale, half a banana, some cut up apple, flaxseed, one scoop Amazing Grass powder and a smidge of vanilla greek yogurt.

Just call me Kermit.
02.) We've been helping Annelise with her science project this week, as in acting as part of her testing group. We've been chewing lots of bubble gum.

Did you know bubble gum makes me want to gag? It's true. Not only do I abhor thick blocks of gum, I don't like out of control flavors whether green apple or traditional bubble gum flavor. I hardly ever chew gum (I prefer mints) but if I do it's usually Trident (for the smaller pieces) and never fruit flavors.

However, this week I somehow managed to keep it together and chew for the sake of third grade science.

03.) Annelise was so excited to have a friend ride home with her yesterday after school (same sweet E. that came over in November). They stayed busy playing outside, playing Legos, having Bey Blade battles, dancing in the disco (Annelise's room with her pseudo-disco ball) and snacking on Crazy Easy Blondies and making their own little pizzas (out of thin sliced bagels).
04.) Earlier this week I drove by a school and saw a car plastered with neon Post-It notes, which not only made me giggle it caused me to have a random flashback to college when some guy had been mean to one of my girlfriends and we sent him a message late one night.

We plastered his car with maxi pads.



Don't mess with us.

05.) Thanks so much for the input about my new glasses dilemma. I realized that while I like the trendy oversize nerd glasses on others but am not sure this 44 year old mama can (or should) pretend to be that much of a hipster. And I'd hate to spend $$$ on a trend. So, I came to my senses and decided to order new lenses for my existing frames (the bronze rectangles) from my eye doctor and ask for a copy of my prescription and will order a free fun trendy pair from Coastal.com (maybe). I really appreciate y'alls' advice!

06.) Okay, I have a super guilty confession to make.

I think I like rap music.

Well, some of it. On a highly selective basis. And the clean versions (well, cleanish).

Have you heard of  The Heist by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis?

(I know, I've been living under a rock.)

I'm kind of addicted to Thrift Shop. And White Walls. And Can't Hold Us.


Happy weekending, y'all!


  1. 1) YES.

    2) Me, too! I eat half pieces of gum - can't chew a whole piece without wanting to gag. I actually have a recurring nightmare about gum expanding in my mouth until I'm choking. Yes, I am weird.

    3) I love sweet friends.

    4) Noted.

    5) I didn't weigh in, but I think you made a wise choice. (Another perk to not being 20.)

    6) I love running to rap.

  2. I forgot about half pieces of gum! I used to do that--it's the perfect amount, if it's a stick like Extra or something. ANd? I've had scary dream like that too, choking on gum--like my mouth is filled with it and I'm trying desperately to scrape it out. What in the world does that mean? I probably don't want to know.

  3. Not a big fan of gum either. Much prefer mints, specifically cinnamon Altoids minis.

    I love rap, and opt for clean versions. I like Eminem. He swears so much that the edited songs sound like he's stuttering, but whatever.

  4. Forgot! We are juicing for breakfast. Lots of kale and spinach and "power greens" and fruit. So delicious.


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