Three Things. On Thursday.

01.) We went to see Parental Guidance last week (it was Scott's Friday off and Annelise was out of school because of a teacher conference, so yay!) and gave it six enthusiastic thumbs up. Not only was it  a great blend of hilarity and sweetness, it was also very clean (which is hard to find these days even in a PG movie).

Afterwards we popped over to our new Steak and Shake, which after months of anticipation was finally open for business.


The burgers weren't really hype worthy and the french fries were like matchsticks. And one more thing? We had a creeptastic waiter. I think we'll stick with Five Guys and our local dives like Tookies or Stomps to get our burger fixes.

02.) Annelise went to a dance camp on Saturday hosted by the Cavalier drill team.
It was at my old high school, so I had to take a selfie. Or a footsie.
She was highly nervous at first but ended up having loads of fun learning several dances.

03.) After much procrastinating I finally went to the eye doctor earlier this week. I normally wear contacts, but was down to my next to the last pair of Acuvue Oasis and had been suffering from redness in my right eye for, well, a while. Who stretched her supply of contacts from one year to 2+? Was it me?

Apparently I have corneal infiltrates (I guess that's fancy doctor speak for my poor corneas have unwelcome irritating guests) and I have to take a break from my contacts for the foreseeable future. 


So I'm thinking of getting new glasses to make this whole contact suspension thing more bearable.

As you do.

Call me crazy (its okay, really) but I have a strong hankering for those trendy *nerd* glasses.

But I don't know if I can pull that hipster look off.

I narrowed my choices down to two, the Buddy Holly frames on the left are being ordered in a tortoise so I can try them on before a final decision, but as strange as it sounds, I'm not sure they're bold (big) enough. I like the shape of the ones on the right but they are a boring brown and only come in two other equally boring colors.
Or I just stick with what I have, a bronzish rectangleish frame, which I've had for four or five years, but think I still like, except get new lenses.

Which I'm leaning toward. But of course I still don't know.

Indecision at it's best, my friends, that's one of my strengths.


  1. have you heard of costal.com? You can get your first pair of glasses free. I wanted a pair of the trendy glasses but didn't want to pay big bucks for them so I ordered a pair from coastal. They are great glasses! I ended up paying about $12 for shipping. Might be worth looking there before ordering the others. It's certainly not a big amount of money to try something out!

  2. I actually think your current pair looks best on you.

  3. I like the oldies the best, as well.

  4. I like the current ones the best on you...but that costal.com..sounds like fun. A girl can never have too many accesories..I have worn contacts since the age of 12..now 40...still dislike the glasses.

  5. I like the matchstick fries. Crispy! And I think your current glasses look best, but you could always get the frames in a different color to liven things up.

  6. i'm totally just catching up. however, i am excited you kept your old frames! those are super cute. i love those. can you please move here and help me find cute frames? i'm horrible at those.


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