Won'tcha Be My Valentine?

So...this year I was all, "Whoa...Valentine's Day is in two days, I better do something."

What? I say that every year?  Hush.

Annelise and I ran around one day after school to scramble up something for her two teachers. We bought two Starbucks gift cards and she picked out two different Vera Bradley ID holders (I use one of these all the time when I just need to carry my driver's license, debit card and a bit of cash, they're great).
We tucked them inside a to-go cup and wrapped them up with bakers twine and shipping tags. Simple, yet still cute. Plus a little bit of chocolate never hurts,
We did the same 3D photo valentines that we've done for the past four years.

I say if it's not broke then don't recreate the wheel.

Or something like that.
Truth be told, every year I do ask Annelise if she wants to switch it up and make something else and every year she says she's fine with the photo card. This year though we went with Tootsie Pops and a *fresh* saying, so there's that.

Another truth? I was too cheap to buy envelopes (these need 5x7 or greeting card size) because all they do is get ripped off and tossed, so, why bother, right? Right.

Scott, bless his heart, gave me this innocent looking flamingo since I adore them.
He left if for me on the kitchen counter, along with a card and chocolates, before he left for work in the wee small hours of the morning, which is really sweet (he also left a card, little stuffed dog and chocolates for Annelise).


This is the text conversation that soon followed.
(No offense to Whitney, but this bird is so wrong and must be mocked.)

Like I said, bless his heart.

Happy Valentine's Day, Y'all!


  1. The text conversation is the best. That is marriage!

    My kids made cards for their teachers and gave them the same suckers they gave their classmates. With 4 kids in school, all with at least two teachers of some sort in the classroom, no way I can do gifts for every holiday.

  2. Loved almost all of the posts on this blog related to valentine's day, it is a beautiful day, right? We can share love and stuff, exchange gifts, send valentine's day quotes about love to our loved ones, everything is so amazing, right?


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