Opening Lines

As we stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house we had only two things on our minds...

Wreck It Ralph and Sonic Happy Hour.

My apologies to S.E. Hinton for taking a bit of creative liberty with her fantastic opening sentence from the teen (and adult) classic The Outsiders.

Ponyboy Curtis was actually thinking about Paul Newman and a ride home.

But Annelise and I had just seen the antithesis of Paul Newman, Wreck It Ralph and were thirsty.
(We had seen it at the $1.50 theater and I refuse to buy drinks or treats that cost more than the movie, that said, I rarely buy treats at the regular movies either.)

(That's why I carry a big purse.)


I re-read The Outsiders and watched the movie over the weekend (all of those fabulous actors (minus Tom, because I can't in good conscience call what he does acting) were soooo young) and was reminded what an excellent story it is.

With an excellent opening line.

So of course I got to thinking about which opening lines would make my Top 5 (or Top 10).

And I'm still thinking on it.

I even googled lists of best opening sentences and from the lists I read (granted, only three) I realized I must be close to illiterate because I haven't read a fraction of the books listed.

I really need to read more classics.
(I thought I was doing fairly well.)

But I whole heartedly agreed with several of their choices (at least if I had read the book) like Anna Karenina, Pride and Prejudice and The Catcher in the Rye.

I'd still add To Kill a Mockingbird, because, well... hello.

And of course, The Bible, because, well...hello.

I'm sure there are several more I should add but it's late and I'm hearing crickets chirp in my head.

What opening lines would make your Top 5 (or Top 10) list?


  1. I loved the book & movie too! I read Rob Lowes bio last year. He spent a lot of time talking about that film...worth the read!

    1. I might check that out, thanks Marla! I liked Rob Lowe on The West Wing and now Parks and Recreation. He sure is aging well. :)

  2. Scarlett O'Hara was not beautiful.

    1. Oh yes! I was thinking about GWTW but couldn't remember the line. I want to re-read that soon!

  3. well the only two I've read are TKAM and the Bible and I agree! ok well, I read The Outsiders but not til I was an adult. My sis was obsessed w/ that book in jr hi. I have to say I did not like it and never did have my son read it. he prob would have liked it tho since I didn't!


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