Seven Things

Okay, seriously y'all, how is it already the second week of March? 
(I know, I say something to that effect every single month, I can't help myself.)

Once again I'm resorting to my favorite standby blog tool, a list.
(I can't help myself.)

01.) Over the weekend we had a fun community outreach/event at our church to kick-off a gospel meeting (yes, that's an old-fashioned term, almost as old as revival, I guess, but I don't really know what else to call it) that's been going on this week.

The face painting booth was a hit!
This photo was taken pre-mustache (which was purple) (yes).

02.) I'm on my second week of Insanity and guess what? It's actually a teensy tiny bit easier than the first. Which is good. I made it through the whole warm-up for Pure Cardio yesterday without stopping AND didn't have to hit pause as often during the remaining craziness, so that's progress.

03.) Scott is doing Insanity too, which is good because we can challenge each other ( as in, "I did my workout today, are you gonna do yours or wimp out? NAH, naah, nah, nah, nah!") and commiserate over the pain.

04.) Annelise lost a tooth Monday right before we went to the dentist.

05.) The Tooth Fairy was SOOOOO busy she couldn't come until Tuesday night.

06.) I remembered how much I like no-heat curls again.
I was in such a state of terrible time management (as in none) yesterday (I had planned to go to a lunch at our church and hear the guest preacher BUT I did my workout too late and then had to shower AND wash my hair and as I stood in my closet at 11:50 with wet hair and no make-up I realized I was so not going to make the 12:00 lunch, so I felt like a super duper loser, but hey, what else is new?), which I guess all of that has nothing to do with no-heat curls except they helped me get ready faster and easier since I was still overheated from my workout and shower and the LAST thing I wanted to do was hold a piping hot curling iron (or flat iron) to my head.

I blew dry my hair until it was 95% ish dry, worked a little Moroccan argon oil and shine stuff through my hair and then wrapped it all (except my bangs) around a low headband. I left it on for about 30ish minutes and BOOM,  let there be curls. 

06.) I did make it to Annelise's field trip to the local one room schoolhouse.

Albeit a little late.

(Re: above super duper loser statement.)
It was a wonderful living history program that did a fabulous job of transporting the kids back to 1898 and giving them an authentic glimpse into a typical school day.

Our docent did not brook any shenanigans, which was highly refreshing.
The boys and girls sat separately and in height order to represent how they might have sat with the various age ranges (youngest in front). They alternated working on spelling, arithmetic, reading and history, peppered with visits to the outhouse (they had to raise two fingers) (yes, even I had to visit--too much water during my workout, so I raised my two fingers).
It was a great afternoon!

07.) Annelise's book report wasn't technically due until tomorrow but I couldn't stand the pieces sitting on the kitchen counter any longer (she'd typed things up and cut out *clouds* over the weekend).

I asked her if she wanted to add cotton balls or glitter (I whispered that) and of course she opted for the glitter.

So that was fun.

(Can you hear my sarcasm?)
But it feels GREAT to be finished (one day early!) and freed up to focus on her science fair project (all that remains is filling out her logbook and of course, the display board (I'm scared, what if she wants to add glitter?), which is what we'll be doing over spring break next week. Whee!)

I'm so excited.

(I know, sarcasm is a tool of the weak, but what can I say?)

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