This & That Tuesday

This: Annelise's spring break started two days early when she came down with a mysterious fever Wednesday night along with congestion.  Children's Motrin, a pre-dawn trip to our bed, a Mickey jug of water and a good book helped her face Thursday with a brave face. Or for at least as long as the Motrin lasted.
That: She shared her sickness with me (I guess) but not the fever part, just a wicked sore throat and a bit of congestion. Thanks to a heavy dosing of zinc lozenges and Airborne it passed quickly.

This: I had a little sidekick with me Friday (she was much better but still within the *must be fever free for 24 hours* window) for errands, one of which was getting my grey (eek!) roots touched up. 
That: I really love how Instagram filters camouflage annoying things like boils zits. If only I could walk around with a constant IG filter, right?

This: Five Guys Burgers & Fries have now taken the top spot as far as fast food burgers go in our rotation. And? I love their Cajun fries.
That: A long overdue pedicure was on the agenda for Monday. I was terribly embarrassed at the overly crunchtastic state of my tootsies, like, I should have used an alias but the nail lady knows me. She even insisted on the bags of hot wax because, well, my feet were in dire need of every possible form of moisturizing.

This: Is the end result. Much, much better. OPI's My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours, blingy flips and a lovely spring afternoon. Bliss. (But, yeah, my feet are still bony, hammer toed, bunioned and crooked, try not to be jealous, m'kay?) 
That: Annelise came home from a sleepover at Pappo and Grandma's house with...

That: A girl should always have back-up ammunition, I guess.
This: I did really, really well with my food choices yesterday AND I did my Insanity workout (can I get a woot-woot?) (after a few days off with The Cold) and felt much better, like I was getting back on track.

That: Then we went to IHOP for a little brekky for din din. 
As you do.
This: I am completely infatuated with my new leather cuff from Farm Girl Paints (sorry, her shop is closed until May), like I might need to worry about wearing out the leather from constant wear kind of infatuated. Also? I never knew I was the kind of girl that could wear a leather cuff, and maybe I'm deluding myself, but it makes me feel all edgy and cool. 

That: Most importantly it reminds me to *Be a blessing*.

What are some This & Thats happening with you?

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