Boardwalk Bliss

a few weeks ago scott's former space shuttle program co-workers(most of whom worked together for 20+ years) met for their spring lunch at kemah. it's something they've done twice a year for years and years and scott usually tries to go to at least one. this time he played golf in the morning and then annelise and i met him down there since she had early dismissal from school that friday.

even though the boardwalk is almost right in our backyard we don't go that often because while it's a nice place and all, it's kind of a racket too. fun? meh. crowded and overpriced? yep. i know, i'm tons of fun.

on this day though the weather was practically perfect with cool breezes, warm sunshine and it wasn't too crowded so everything fell well within my established parameters.

after lunch we bought a wristband for annelise to ride rides (even though she was only willing to ride a couple of them) and scott bought two ride tickets. i wasn't in the riding mood so i took pictures. annelise  ran into a friend of hers from school (she's in fourth grade and apparently hung. the. moon) so they had fun riding the same two rides over and over while scott and i sat in the shade and watched because   we're so fun.

seafood, relaxing by the water, bay breezes, rides, funnel cake, being together, all in all it was a fun afternoon!


Miscellany Monday

Since I did a Six for Saturday post I don't really have a whole lot to say today.


I don't know who I am any more.

So I'll just let these photos from Annelise's soccer game Saturday speak for themselves.
That's right, she kicked her first soccer goal and could NOT contain her joy afterwards.


I love that.

And her.

To pieces, I'm telling you.

Here's her team after the game, they're beaming because they won 4-0 and are currently undefeated.

Not that that's the most important thing.

But still, it's pretty cool.

Go Raptors!

miscellany monday at lowercase letters
Happy Monday, y'all!
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Six for Saturday

01.) I managed to run twice during the week, which if you consider my previous record was zilch, I consider two runs quite the victory.

Here's my shadow merrily wogging (run-jog+walk+ occasional slog= wog) along. I took a bold step and increased my walk run intervals to 4:1, that one extra running minute may not seem like much, but sometimes it is. Believe me.
And here are my feet once I finished another three miles. I decided on a goal of 15 miles to finish out April (not for any particular reason, just needed some motivation to, you know, actually run) so I have a four day window to fit in five miles. Or to go crazy and blow my goal up by running over 15 miles.

It could happen. Maybe.
02.) Last Sunday afternoon after church and lunch we found ourselves in Academy shopping for new sneakers for Annelise. In case you didn't know, Academy on the weekend is one of Dante's circles of Hell, so imagine my enthusiasm for this endeavor.

Close to two hours later we emerged with new Nikes for Annelise, water shoes for Scott for our upcoming Schlittterbahn trip this summer, low-profile socks for all of us and because one can never have too many pairs of Chuck Taylors...
White for me (which I've worn almost every day since, love them to pieces) and mint (actually called sea glass) for Annelise  (Scott remained sane and was fine with the blue pair he already has, pffft).

03.) Annelise had standardized achievement tests most of the week, blech. They're not the state mandated tests that Texas enforces but they're boring bubble tests just the same. On the flip side, Annelise didn't have homework this week, got extra recesses, extra snacks and started each day with a bigger, more cooked kind of breakfast.
04.) Scott was off work yesterday, so after bible study that morning with the girls (we're doing Beth Moore's James study, have I told y'all that?) we got to go on a lunch date to our favorite Mediterranean restaurant. The past several Fridays that he's been off he's either played golf or Annelise has been off school or we've had other stuff happening so while not a big hoopla deal, it was still nice to eat lunch together just the two of us.

We tried to get cupcakes (and Scott loves their brownies) at our favorite hole in the wall bakery (Miss Ginny's for you locals) but their shelves were completely bare by 2:00 in the afternoon. We were sad.

We got over our sadness rather quickly though once we discovered another bakery nearby (Savannah's for you locals). One chocolate cupcake (for Annelise), one pumpkin bar (for Scott), one snicker doodle cookie and peanut butter kiss cookie (for me, but I shared with my people) to-go please. And thank you.

05.) This hydrant makes me insanely happy.
I'm weird. I know.

06.) I love it when Scott fills up the car and I don't have to. It frees me up to snap self portraits in the rear view mirror.
My big yellow earrings and green fingernails make me happy too.

06a.) My heart broke a little when I heard the ol' Possum, George Jones, passed away yesterday. His classic tunes were our soundtrack on our cupcake quest. He Stopped Loving Her Today has always given me goosebumps, his voice was so distinctive, you just knew, that's George.

Happy, happy weekending, y'all!

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Miscellany Monday

Just a few randoms of late...

01.) I went for a run last Thursday. Wait. Maybe it was Friday. Whichever. I ran.

Four miles.

(alert the media)
I have no idea when my last one was, months at least. I know. Obviously, I've gotten too used to doing my Beachbody DVDs (TurboFire, Insanity, ChaLEAN Extreme, et cetera) and too lazy to get up early and go for a run, which is my favorite time because then it's DONE for the day and too wimpy to go in the evenings or whenever I deem it *too hot*. 

Excuses are lame.

Truth is, I miss running. I do.

Now let's see if I miss it enough to put my running shoes where my mouth is. I think I need a goal, like a set number of miles to finish by the end of April, somewhere in the ballpark of 15-17miles (?) then a fresh goal for May, like at least my age (44). 

Then of course I'll want a reward too.

I am not above bribery, even if it's to myself.

02.) Annelise's soccer team won their game 9-0 Saturday which puts them at 3 wins, 0 losses so far. She was this close to kicking her first goal (!!) and a girl--but NOT the goalie--on the other team caught it (I think that girl got a foul). We felt so bad for Annelise because the ball was seriously on its way into the net. She was robbed!! Like Sally in the pumpkin patch and the Great Pumpkin never showed.

Also? Annelise fell off her Powerwing scooter doing some daredevil move earlier last week and scraped her knee and her face (see the icky scab under her nose? yeah) but thankfully didn't break anything.
For the second half of the game Annelise volunteered to be goalie and then almost passed out from boredom as all of the action was happening at the other end of the field.

03.) In other news, we went to Denny's after church yesterday for lunch. Brunch? I don't know, brunch sounds too fancy to take place at a Denny's.
And yes, I ordered egg whites and turkey bacon to balance out the waffle the size of my head.

As you do.

And see #1 about the whole need-to-start-running again thing.

miscellany monday at lowercase letters
Happy Monday, y'all!

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Go Ombre Or Go Home {Sort Of}

Have y'all seen ombred hair?
(And yes, I just used ombre as a verb.)
Basically, it's where the top of your hair is dark and gradually lightens as you reach the ends.
Like you let your dark roots grow waaay out on purpose.

Emma of A Beautiful Mess has a gorgeous ombre going on.

I'd seen several other girls rocking it too and started to catch the ombre bug.

The thing is, they've been rocking it for years and I am (of course) late to the ombre party.

Oh well.

I recently saw Danielle's DIY ombre post (& video) and couldn't believe how simple it seemed. Like, I actually thought I could do this to my own hairs.

Even though I've never colored my own hair unless you count Sun-In and a rather unfortunate decision to try a dark ash brown home kit in the early 90s.

And you can't count those as successes.

But I threw caution to the wind and made a beeline for Sally's Beauty Supply Monday afternoon.

As you do.

I needed to color my roots anyway, those pesky greys were taking over, so, really, why NOT try ombre?

I bought two brown dyes to mix together for the top portion of my hair and the Sally lady recommended the Kaleidocolors violet bleach and Level 30 developer. 

I gathered my courage and got busy mixing later that evening.

I bleached my ends first (eeeek), rinsed that out after 15ish minutes and then mixed the browns together with Level 20 developer and painted it on. Mess. Y.

After 20-30 minutes I shampooed everything and used a deep conditioner. Once I blew it dry I realized I hadn't left the bleach on long enough. Yeah, I'd been chicken, and it showed.

Of course I'd already rinsed my bowl-o-bleach down the drain.

Guess where I went Tuesday?

Yeah. Sally's again. (Except this time I went to a different one.)
Another packet of bleach (same violet Kaleidecolors) and another small bottle of Level 30 developer.

(Still cheaper than the salon!)

So last night was Bleach-O-Rama, Round Dos.
(That old t-shirt has been sacrificed for the The Cause.)

I left the bleach on this time about 30 minutes. I was scared it would turn out too blond--or white even--or like, fall off--since I'd just bleached my ends Monday, but thankfully, no, it was fine. I rinsed, shampooed and deep conditioned again.

Okay...without further ado...my ombre...
(or Almost Ombre)
The lighting is a bit weird, there are a bit more bleachy sections, they're just hiding I guess.

I'm thinking I need to add a few (really, just a few) more bleachy bits (thin sections, not chunks) along the sides.

Cue Sally trip #3.

What do you think?
(Truth please, I can take it!)

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