A Post on Tuesday With Mostly Photos

Thank you all so much for your kind words and thoughts shared on my last post. I appreciate y'all more than I can say! 

It feels rather lame to blog after the horrible events yesterday in Boston, but then again, maybe not. Love and life, even in its ordinary mundane moments, trump evil. They win, always.

Speaking of ordinary moments, we three, plus our four legged friend Sadie, had a lovely evening outside recently.

Football first...
followed by a walk (Sadie and me), a ride (Scott) and a scoot(Annelise, on her Powerwing).
Poor crab. He lost his claw.
Speaking of crabs, one of ours has already given up his ghost.
If you're keeping track, that means he lasted a week with us.
(What are we doing wrong?)
Four shadows: Sadie, me, Annelise and Scott.

And in late breaking soccer news, Annelise's team won their game Saturday, 3-0.
That's a peace sign, not a gang sign (isn't there a gangsta sign like this?). She is all about throwing down the peace sign in all of her photo shoots these days. It's all the rage in the 9 year old crowd.

Peace out, yo.

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