Boardwalk Bliss

a few weeks ago scott's former space shuttle program co-workers(most of whom worked together for 20+ years) met for their spring lunch at kemah. it's something they've done twice a year for years and years and scott usually tries to go to at least one. this time he played golf in the morning and then annelise and i met him down there since she had early dismissal from school that friday.

even though the boardwalk is almost right in our backyard we don't go that often because while it's a nice place and all, it's kind of a racket too. fun? meh. crowded and overpriced? yep. i know, i'm tons of fun.

on this day though the weather was practically perfect with cool breezes, warm sunshine and it wasn't too crowded so everything fell well within my established parameters.

after lunch we bought a wristband for annelise to ride rides (even though she was only willing to ride a couple of them) and scott bought two ride tickets. i wasn't in the riding mood so i took pictures. annelise  ran into a friend of hers from school (she's in fourth grade and apparently hung. the. moon) so they had fun riding the same two rides over and over while scott and i sat in the shade and watched because   we're so fun.

seafood, relaxing by the water, bay breezes, rides, funnel cake, being together, all in all it was a fun afternoon!

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  1. Beautiful photos! It looks like you had the place to yourselves. Ahhhh funnel cake!


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