Easter 2013 (The Slacker Version)

Okay, I like Easter, really, I do.

I mean what's not to like about focusing on the resurrection of Jesus along with eggs, bunnies, spring and all sorts of candy?

I just don't like it when Easter happens so ding-dang early. In fact, who decided Easter has the right to hop around, not unlike a bunny, from mid-April to late March? Every year it's different. It bugs.

But of course no one asked me.

And so our home reflected no spring-y-ness, no bunnies, no eggs, no...well, I guess that's about it, I never went crazy decorating for Easter in the past anyway. Our Easter/Spring tub stayed in the attic this year and if it wasn't (yet again) for my trusty subway art there would have been absolutely zip, zilch, nada, no-blasted-thing of a decorative nature.
I know, I'm so festive and fun and you are green with envy.

Yet have no fear, the Easter Bunny still managed to leave a basket of treats for Annelise.
Legos and candy are her love language.
She quickly got down to business building, at least for a few minutes before I had the nerve to tear her away from that to help me make the resurrection rolls.
(Sorry for the blur) She was rather excited to get started because, hello, marshmallows for breakfast.

The marshmallow represents Jesus and you dip it (him?) in melted butter, then in cinnamon and sugar and then place it (him?) on a triangle of crescent roll. You wrap the dough around it (him?) like the tomb, making sure to seal all the edges firmly.
Then bake following the directions on the package.
The marshmallows *disappear* while baking so the tomb is empty.
Isn't that cool? 
And easy? (!!)

(This year I used my stone pan instead of my flat baking stone because no matter how tightly you think you've wrapped it (him?), there is still oozing and last year it oozed right off the edge of that flat stone onto my freshly cleaned oven, not that I'm still bitter or anything, ahem, or that my oven is clean this year)
She is, of course, a fan of these tasty treats.

Not only was Easter early this year, it was also weird. For the past several years we've always gone over to my dad and Peggy's house after church for lunch and an egg hunt with her side of the family. This year she was babysitting her grandsons at their house while their mom and dad were in Hawaii (I know!) so there were no big family lunch/egg hunt/general play plans. We asked my dad to go out to eat with us but we were too slow because he'd already been invited over to a friend's house.

So we were on our own.

We decided to go for Tex-Mex.

As we are wont to do.

Well, as we headed toward Gringos we noticed other Tex-Mex restaurants closed along the way.

This did not bode well, but we persevered, because, well, chips and salsa were at stake.

As we drove, we reminisced about that one year on Easter we tried to go out to eat (before hunting eggs) with a group of friends after church to a Tex-Mex place (can't remember which one) and it was closed, we tried another, yep, closed, so we ended up at a Chili's.

We reminisced further about that other Easter (pre-kids) where we tried to go to Gringos with another group of friends after church and ended up at Olive Garden (which is conveniently located right next door).

I bet you can guess by now what happened this year.

What's that old saying, if we don't learn from history it's bound to repeat itself?

Yeah. That.

We did manage to take a few family photos to document our (my?) Slacker Easter Twenty-Thirteen.
Annelise and I are twinkies, no?
How was your Easter?
Any other slackers?
Do tell.

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  1. As you can tell from our yearly visits to LC, it has become our tradition to have lunch at my parents' house. I didn't decorate for Easter/Spring either and Brandon actually had to be the easter bunny, since I'm never without the girls while shopping! ;)If it makes you feel better...Easter in on April 20th next year, so you have a little more time to decorate! ;)

  2. It was great to see you and hug your neck Sunday morning!

    Scott was actually our Easter Bunny too since he went out running errands on Saturday morning--nothing like waiting until the last minute!

    It worries me that you already know when Easter is next year, but, I am happy to hear it will be later. :)


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