Miscellany Monday

A few randoms of late:

01.) Annelise had her first soccer game of the season Saturday afternoon. This, or some version of it, will therefore be my view for the next several Saturdays.

And of course for the one shot where she actually looked my way and smiled I had my camera settings all wrong. Oops.

02.) Last week was picture day in dance.

Oh Sweet Mary.

It wasn't the actual picture taking that was stressful, for some reason this year there weren't as many classes taking their pictures on the same day and the room was eerily calm, which was refreshing after years past. We had all of our drama, the mother-daughter kind, getting ready for pictures. 

There may have been raised voices, lost tights, strong hair opinions and a few tears.

For both of us.

Well, not the tights or hair opinions for me.

But we apologized and forgave each other and hugged it out. As you do.

This year Act I will have a variety of dance routines and Act II will be the play Alice in Wonderland.

Annelise's class will dance a tap routine as the Queen of Heart's cards.

She loves the dance (it's really cute!) but loathes her costume. With a vengeance.
I think it's cute, but she thinks it's just a boring old card. And I guess that's true. Plus? That headpiece can't be much of a joy to wear.

However there is recital redemption found in her jazz routine.
They're dancing to a song called Runaway (I don't know it) and the routine is fun. She adores her costume, all the fringe and sequins, you know (we had the go-go boots/tights pulled up too high, they're actually worn just over the knee).

03.) Saturday afternoon we stopped by Petsmart for a few essentials, like two new hermit crabs. This is our third attempt to raise productive members of hermit crab society and we're hopeful that the third time is the charm.
Of course she named them after One Direction even though I was pushing her to name them after literary characters. Sigh.

I thought we had a fairly sweet crabitat but when I posted that photo on Instagram it became obvious our crab abode is not quite up to the hermit code. Who knew? Apparently each crab needs 2 gallons of space and something called substrate to bury themselves in and molt and more driftwood or fake plants for them to climb on. Hmm.

04.) Scott and I watched the tail end of the AMC awards last night and felt very out of touch, old and fuddy duddyish. Who are these artists? Is this really country music? Why was Stevie Wonder singing at a country music award show? Why did George have to share his time with Garth and why was their segment so short?

05.) My Monday started here:
I really didn't plan on spending that much before breakfast.

(But I'm quite thankful for a repaired leaky tire and two new tires.)

I'm linking up today with lowercase letters, be sure to pop over there for more miscellany.
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What's some of your recent miscellany? Do tell.

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