Miscellany Monday

Just a few randoms of late...

01.) I went for a run last Thursday. Wait. Maybe it was Friday. Whichever. I ran.

Four miles.

(alert the media)
I have no idea when my last one was, months at least. I know. Obviously, I've gotten too used to doing my Beachbody DVDs (TurboFire, Insanity, ChaLEAN Extreme, et cetera) and too lazy to get up early and go for a run, which is my favorite time because then it's DONE for the day and too wimpy to go in the evenings or whenever I deem it *too hot*. 

Excuses are lame.

Truth is, I miss running. I do.

Now let's see if I miss it enough to put my running shoes where my mouth is. I think I need a goal, like a set number of miles to finish by the end of April, somewhere in the ballpark of 15-17miles (?) then a fresh goal for May, like at least my age (44). 

Then of course I'll want a reward too.

I am not above bribery, even if it's to myself.

02.) Annelise's soccer team won their game 9-0 Saturday which puts them at 3 wins, 0 losses so far. She was this close to kicking her first goal (!!) and a girl--but NOT the goalie--on the other team caught it (I think that girl got a foul). We felt so bad for Annelise because the ball was seriously on its way into the net. She was robbed!! Like Sally in the pumpkin patch and the Great Pumpkin never showed.

Also? Annelise fell off her Powerwing scooter doing some daredevil move earlier last week and scraped her knee and her face (see the icky scab under her nose? yeah) but thankfully didn't break anything.
For the second half of the game Annelise volunteered to be goalie and then almost passed out from boredom as all of the action was happening at the other end of the field.

03.) In other news, we went to Denny's after church yesterday for lunch. Brunch? I don't know, brunch sounds too fancy to take place at a Denny's.
And yes, I ordered egg whites and turkey bacon to balance out the waffle the size of my head.

As you do.

And see #1 about the whole need-to-start-running again thing.

miscellany monday at lowercase letters
Happy Monday, y'all!

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  1. Kudos to you for getting out there- keep it up! (and now I will give myself that same advice...)


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