Six for Saturday

01.) I managed to run twice during the week, which if you consider my previous record was zilch, I consider two runs quite the victory.

Here's my shadow merrily wogging (run-jog+walk+ occasional slog= wog) along. I took a bold step and increased my walk run intervals to 4:1, that one extra running minute may not seem like much, but sometimes it is. Believe me.
And here are my feet once I finished another three miles. I decided on a goal of 15 miles to finish out April (not for any particular reason, just needed some motivation to, you know, actually run) so I have a four day window to fit in five miles. Or to go crazy and blow my goal up by running over 15 miles.

It could happen. Maybe.
02.) Last Sunday afternoon after church and lunch we found ourselves in Academy shopping for new sneakers for Annelise. In case you didn't know, Academy on the weekend is one of Dante's circles of Hell, so imagine my enthusiasm for this endeavor.

Close to two hours later we emerged with new Nikes for Annelise, water shoes for Scott for our upcoming Schlittterbahn trip this summer, low-profile socks for all of us and because one can never have too many pairs of Chuck Taylors...
White for me (which I've worn almost every day since, love them to pieces) and mint (actually called sea glass) for Annelise  (Scott remained sane and was fine with the blue pair he already has, pffft).

03.) Annelise had standardized achievement tests most of the week, blech. They're not the state mandated tests that Texas enforces but they're boring bubble tests just the same. On the flip side, Annelise didn't have homework this week, got extra recesses, extra snacks and started each day with a bigger, more cooked kind of breakfast.
04.) Scott was off work yesterday, so after bible study that morning with the girls (we're doing Beth Moore's James study, have I told y'all that?) we got to go on a lunch date to our favorite Mediterranean restaurant. The past several Fridays that he's been off he's either played golf or Annelise has been off school or we've had other stuff happening so while not a big hoopla deal, it was still nice to eat lunch together just the two of us.

We tried to get cupcakes (and Scott loves their brownies) at our favorite hole in the wall bakery (Miss Ginny's for you locals) but their shelves were completely bare by 2:00 in the afternoon. We were sad.

We got over our sadness rather quickly though once we discovered another bakery nearby (Savannah's for you locals). One chocolate cupcake (for Annelise), one pumpkin bar (for Scott), one snicker doodle cookie and peanut butter kiss cookie (for me, but I shared with my people) to-go please. And thank you.

05.) This hydrant makes me insanely happy.
I'm weird. I know.

06.) I love it when Scott fills up the car and I don't have to. It frees me up to snap self portraits in the rear view mirror.
My big yellow earrings and green fingernails make me happy too.

06a.) My heart broke a little when I heard the ol' Possum, George Jones, passed away yesterday. His classic tunes were our soundtrack on our cupcake quest. He Stopped Loving Her Today has always given me goosebumps, his voice was so distinctive, you just knew, that's George.

Happy, happy weekending, y'all!

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  1. check out the esprit de she on may 9 for a night run followed by a night market and yoga class and other activities. I'm really thinking about doing this one. could be fun for motivation for May's mileage


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