Recital 2013: Wonderland Whimsy

Cue Glenn Campbell singing...
Last weekend was Annelise's dance recital weekend in Galveston, Oh Galveston. I say weekend because Friday afternoon/evening was their rehearsal on stage and then the actual performance was Saturday night, so the whole shebang kind of dominates a good portion of one's weekend.

They perform at The Grand Opera House in Galveston (in The Strand area for you locals) which is a lovely restored theater from the early 1900s, which makes it more special than performing in some random school gym, not that Annelise really cares about that but for some reason the tradition of having it there makes it more of, I don't know, a Thing.

This was Annelise's seventh recital.

Let's all pause for a sob and a cheer. I get rather nostalgic around recital time every year because while I'm thrilled to see her dance ability improve, I pine for my little three year old on stage in a rainbow sequined tutu.

Sigh. Sniff.

We stopped for a few pictures after rehearsal.

Then we moseyed on over to The Spot for supper.

As you do.
We'd never been there before ( I know! The shame!) and didn't really know what to expect, but it's the perfect relaxed beach-y dive joint for yummy burgers and other assorted fried foods.

Annelise ordered chili (what can I say, she loves her some  chili) in a bread bowl, took two or three bites (mainly those with the cheese) and promptly put the bread lid back on top and looked longingly at our burgers. They were nice enough to exchange her spicy chili for a neutral, yet apparently tasty hot dog.

Not only is the people watching highly entertaining there in the restaurant and along the sea wall (we had a stellar window view) you can also see the glowy lights of Pleasure Pier in the distance (the long-standing Flagship Hotel--a hotel out over the water on the pier--was destroyed in Hurricane Ike in 2008 and instead of rebuilding it a tourist trap amusement park thing took its place.

Saturday evening found us back in Galveston for the actual recital.

Warning: shocking bright red lipstick may be hazardous to your eyes.
Act I had a variety of dances, so Annelise performed her jazz routine, Don't Run Away, first. She was so excited to hang out with the girls backstage and was much more interested in them than me, but allowed me to snap a few photos as long as I was quick about it.
I tried to take photos during the performance but it's so hit or miss, mostly miss, since you can not use a flash (not that I use one regularly anyway) and we were sitting midway back and there was a pole to my right and big hair to my left and it's dark and there's all the dancing which means blur and I need much more camera practice with those kinds of situations.

(Annelise is in the middle here.)
(And at the far right here which is basically almost off stage from where we were sitting.)
During intermission I went back stage to help her with her costume change but as it turned out she didn't need me at all.


Act II was the play Alice in Wonderland and Annelise was a card.

Oh, that lipstick is killing me!

When they do a play, which is usually every other year or so, the high school girls act out/dance the main character roles and the various classes perform routines that go along with the story. Does that make sense?
Annelise's class, the Queen of Hearts cards, performed their tap routine near the end of the play. They entered the auditorium from the back, marched to the front and got to go up on stage from the front steps, all of which may not sound like that big of a deal, but if you're nine, believe me, it was.
She's second from the left below.

And please excuse the blur on the left, that was Big Hair in front of me.
Their dance was really cute and at the end they all lined up and then fell down like cards, which was fun.
My dad and Peggy weren't able to be with us, her grandson was graduating from college, so we missed having them as part of Annelise's fan club/entourage.

Since we had the night performance this year it kind of messed up our dinner plans (gasp!) meaning we couldn't eat out before the show because Annelise was all made up and in her costume so we were all starving by the time 9:30 rolled around.

We went to a Tex Mex place near The Grand that we like (The Original Mexican cafe for you locals) and thankfully they were still open (restaurants along the Sea Wall stay open late, others are hit or miss because certain parts of Galveston are sketchy). Annelise had changed from her costume into regular clothes but still had on her make up.


We got some odd looks.

Totally should have passed her a baby wipe in the car, at least for that atrocious lipstick.

Oh well. Live and learn.

*I'll post her dance videos once Scott uploads them to the computer which could be anytime between now and  whenever and Oh Yeah, I Forgot.
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I love a good surprise, don't you?

Monday night, thanks to a few clandestine chats, emails and texts, The Girls and I were able to pull off a mini birthday surprise for Heather for her 40th birthday.

There she was, innocently tapping away on her iPad, when we burst into her family room bearing birthday treats and flamingo paraphernalia.

As one does.
Sorry for the blur, it was dark and my camera settings were off.

There, this is better.
We celebrated with red velvet cupcakes (oh they were divine!), coffee (iced tea for Kim!) and much loud laughter and much chit with a side of chat until the wee hours of the morning.
(Well, at least until 10:45, we're not spring chickens any more, ha!)

Happy Birthday Heather!! We love you to pieces!!

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Pared Down (As If)

i made a highly vain and shallow goal this week of *getting myself more together* before i take annelise to school. as in i put on a smidge of makeup and change out of the t-shirt i slept in. believe me, the fact that i've followed through on this for four days so far is a big deal. one of my (many) issues is i have a hard time sticking to just a smidge of makeup, i tend to get carried away and go all full face at 7:30 in the a.m. silly. i know. i blame my mother, she was a makeup junkie.

i've managed to pare things down to bb cream (i recently started using skin79 bb cream which is an asian/korean brand, i like its coverage better than the garnier and l'oreal i'd tried and the fact it has really good ingredients for your face), a dab of concealer under my eyes and on any spots, a dusting of my laura mercier mineral powder, a swipe of bronzer (to look more alive and to try and contour my face*), a swish of bright pink blush on cheeks, a dab of maybelline eye tattoo bad to the bronze on my lids, a line of l'oreal voluminous eyeliner in slate along my top lashes, a quick eyelash curl, a swoosh of rimmel scandal eyes mascara (love this stuff), and a dash of lipstick and/or gloss before we hit the road.

i realize i just said i pared things down and that probably still sounds like a lot of stuff, and maybe it is but what can i say, i like make up and can freely admit to being high maintenance.

the worst kind is women who think they are low maintenance but are really high maintenance.

(name that movie.)

i haven't timed myself this week but i think from face wash, insertion of contacts and through my pared down (ha) morning makeup routine is less than 10 minutes.

and for me, that's progress.

here's a great four minute routine (maybe i'll get there someday)
*and here's a great tutorial about highlighting and contouring your face (i'm still practicing this, some days turn out better than others).

what's your pared down make-up routine like?

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What I Wore Wednesday

Have I told you I adore polka dots?

I do, I do.

On others.

When I spotted this dress on the clearance rack I knew I could not resist the siren call of those happy dots on a field of denim.

Mother's Day was the perfect time to sport some dots with a splash of coral.
cardigan, dress and belt: target

leather cuff: farmgirl paints
coral earrings: kendra scott (a mother's day gift!)
coral ballet flats: j crew factory
 (how have I lived 44 years and never knew about j crew factory?!?) (Hold me)
I guess you're never too old for polka dots!

(Although I'm not so sure about those polka dotted jeans I've seen at Gap.)

Happy Wednesday, y'all!
pleated poppy

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Home Refresh: Our Gallery Wall {The Eclectic Lazy Way}

Several months ago, somewhere on the heels of rearranging our mantel, we threw a mix of photos, signs and odds and ends up on the corner wall of our family room and called it done.

It's rather busy for such a narrow space but I just tell myself that it makes a statement.

Whatever that statement might be is open to interpretation.

See what you think, m'mkay?
The photos are from the ones we took for our Christmas card and our Disney trip and while I'm not wild about any of them to invest in a large canvas, I was up for framing a few in 50% frames from Hobby Lobby.

I love using a wooden pant hanger for prints, photos, art, et cetera. This one is also hiding a light switch dimmer, so I love it a little extra (I hate random switches in the middle of a wall).

I also like the quirky frames because they kept us from freaking out too much about getting everything OCD straight. Everything could probably be smushed up a bit closer together but in case you can't tell, we (mostly me) were quite free spirited about the whole enterprise (I may have been slowly killing Scott one nail at a time).

I had planned to hang these letters among the fray but ran out of room, now I like them even better resting in a milk glass bowl.
So there you have it, our gallery wall. Sort of.

Five months later and it still makes me smile.

That's a good thing.

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Miscellany Monday

A few bits of miscellany to share...

01.) We had a special Mugs and Muffins (a monthly breakfast and devotional for ladies) Saturday that focused on the Proverbs 31 woman, who if we're being honest, most women have a love-hate relationship with because, hello, she's intimidating to say the least.
We enjoyed breakfast together, heard four encouraging and practical lessons based on the Proverbs 31 woman and had a yummy lunch of a variety of salads and desserts. And yes, that's me up at the podium too--eek!--I made announcements and said a prayer--again, eek!

For favors we used basic photo albums from Dollar Tree and made a cute (?) insert cover (they were all different colors and patterns) and made scripture books.
Each of the ladies that taught a lesson gave out cards with a scripture on them related to her lesson. The idea is to add to them over time with verses on index cards that we hope to memorize (or at least try to remember) and eventually imprint on our hearts and in our brains.

02.) Annelise has discovered The Brady Bunch, which I can not adequately describe how happy this makes me since it was a show I was glued to when I was her age and it's something that we can watch together. She stayed home with a fever one day last week and watched Little House on the Prairie and then a few Brady Bunch episodes and I felt like I was reliving my childhood a little. 

She thinks Peter is cute and Marcia is cool, which is exactly how I remember feeling about them.

03.) So, about Mother's Day...

I always have mixed feelings on MD because I miss my mom and grandmother and I think about friends who are missing their loved ones too or those that might be wanting to be a mother and aren't, at least not yet, and I think about children that are waiting for a mother...and so on and so forth.

But I also think about women who have filled in the (many) gaps in my life and have been mother figures or role models and I realize I am very blessed.

Honestly, this MD I didn't dwell too long on those thoughts because, look, I was too busy eating.

We went to BJ's after church for lunch (we hadn't been there in over a year--what the what?) and one small wedge salad, shrimp tacos and a pizookie split three ways I was one stuffed mother.

Scott and Annelise showered me with attention, cards, a plant in a painted pot (school project) new Kenrda Scott earrings (I wore the coral yesterday, love!) and let me shop at ULTA unhurried and unaccompanied after lunch. 

Yes, I am spoiled rotten.

04.) A little mother-daughter footsie (you know, a foot selfie), just for kicks.
05.) Let's talk about my hair, shall we?

As in, I'm not sure what to do with it.

During my Ulta spree yesterday I picked up a box of brown color (L'Oreal Feria cool medium brown) to touch up my roots. Of course since this is only my second time doing this I'm totally taking a stab in the dark when it comes to choosing color. Along with touching up my roots masking my greys I hope it tones down the overall reddish tone.

Now, here's my dilemma:

Do I keep my DIY ombre/dip-dye look or spread the brown color all the way to my ends? Or do I keep the ombre and apply another toner and use purple shampoo on my ombre part to brighten it up and tone down the brassiness? Or do I suck it up and call my stylist and have her fix everything?

I don't know.

I wore my hair straight yesterday and it felt like the whole ombre part was this glaring hot mess of orange at the ends of my hair.
I like the ombre look better when my hair is curled (see below when I was irked and killing time waiting for Hobby Lobby to open, see related: they open at 9, not 8:30) and for some reason my hair doesn't look as red below, which is weird but probably a good thing.

If it was your weird ombre what would you do? Do tell.

miscellany monday at lowercase letters
Happy Monday, y'all!
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