A Field Trip, Some Anxiety and the Jam

So third grade went on a little field trip Tuesday to see Charlotte's Web followed by lunch and play at a park. I posted this photo on Instagram (I'm @marathonbird if you want to be IG buddies) to document the before and after, you know the crazy vs. the calm.
You might think five kids can't be that loud, but then you'd be wrong. I usually drive five or six kids (sometimes less depending on how many other cars are going) on these trips and the combination of personalities is so interesting. Let's just say some memories are fonder than others.

On this particular jaunt into downtown Houston (well, west side actually) and back I was so over the noise and more specifically, the word fart. And yes, I told those boys several times to stop fake crying, fake tooting (and real ones but I guess you can't control that, but I still think it was on purpose), whopping each other with magazines and so forth. After lunch and playing in the park like wild monkeys escaped from their cages, they were tuckered out for the drive back to school. It was blissfully quiet and calm.

Of course it was only 10 minutes back to school and 40ish minutes to and from the the play. Hrumph!

I was a little nervous driving into town by myself (another mom was supposed to be riding with me but her littlest had gotten sick) and fretted about getting lost in the museum district with five crazy kids but I plugged the directions into MapQuest and Siri's voice came through our bluetooth speaker thingie and she talked me right into the parking lot of the theater, so that was a relief.

And also? While I'm sharing? Sometimes I get anxious when I'm driving--and especially if there's a traffic jam--and that anxiety builds, my heart races and I'll start to worry that I'm trapped and that makes me feel like I need to use the restroom and then that triggers the cycle of once I think about it, well, then I have to go. Usually I can talk myself through it without freaking out too badly and to prevent or combat anxiety I always *go* before. This trip was fine, although I did run through the possible outcomes of me having to stop somewhere with five crazy kids and either making us late to the play or ending up on the news.

And one more loosely related thing? Whenever possible I prefer aisle seats in theaters, it eases my mind because I know I can get out and return easily if needed. If I have to sit in the middle of the aisle with very little leg room then I feel trapped and my mind snaps and anxiety builds and the nervous bladder kicks in and then it's 1000x worse because I feel like I can't get out, at least not without tripping over strangers and then possibly not being allowed back to my seat until intermission (if it was a play). I try to calm myself with deep breaths, focusing on the movie or play, mints or gum, anything to distract my brain. I don't know why I worry about not being able to get to a restroom if I need to, I mean it's not like I've ever not made it to one, but for whatever reason I worry about these things. 

For this play I got stuck on the far left of our row and there was very little aisle room, and you weren't supposed to get up during the play, so I did my best not to dwell on it and kept telling myself it was only an hour, only an hour.

Moving right along...after Charlotte's Web (which was absolutely delightful) we stopped by a park for lunch and play before going back to school.

As you may remember, I hate bringing a sack lunch, especially if it can't be kept cold. Scott, who knows my quirks and peeves and yet still manages to live with me, was sweet enough to get Subway the night before for Annelise and me. Of course I packed everything in an insulated bag because few things are worse than lukewarm Diet Coke and salmonella on your sandwich.
I tried their flat bread for the first time and liked it, if they had it in whole wheat that would be the jam. Also? Lays sun dried tomato and parmesan kettle potato chips are the jam.

(I really don't know what the jam means.)

Annelise thought the cookie was the jam and proceeded to eat that first.
Of course.

Hope your day is the jam!

Do you ever have anxiety attacks?


  1. I think anyone would say that driving a load of 3rd graders to the city on a field trip would be anxiety-ridden for sure!
    You deserved Subway's flatbread! :)

  2. I was rear ended by a dump truck 2-1/2 years ago, and had a lot of anxiety on the road (and in general, I went through some depression, too) after that. It got better, but it took quite a while. I also get nervous/excited bladder. I go to the bathroom before we leave for the movies/plays and when we get there in hopes that I won't have to get up during it. So you aren't alone!

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