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Several months ago, somewhere on the heels of rearranging our mantel, we threw a mix of photos, signs and odds and ends up on the corner wall of our family room and called it done.

It's rather busy for such a narrow space but I just tell myself that it makes a statement.

Whatever that statement might be is open to interpretation.

See what you think, m'mkay?
The photos are from the ones we took for our Christmas card and our Disney trip and while I'm not wild about any of them to invest in a large canvas, I was up for framing a few in 50% frames from Hobby Lobby.

I love using a wooden pant hanger for prints, photos, art, et cetera. This one is also hiding a light switch dimmer, so I love it a little extra (I hate random switches in the middle of a wall).

I also like the quirky frames because they kept us from freaking out too much about getting everything OCD straight. Everything could probably be smushed up a bit closer together but in case you can't tell, we (mostly me) were quite free spirited about the whole enterprise (I may have been slowly killing Scott one nail at a time).

I had planned to hang these letters among the fray but ran out of room, now I like them even better resting in a milk glass bowl.
So there you have it, our gallery wall. Sort of.

Five months later and it still makes me smile.

That's a good thing.

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  1. I love the wall! Great choices! I wish I had an eye like that...and I wish we had a Hobby Lobby close by!

  2. Thanks Anna! A Hobby Lobby too close can be dangerous--haha! :)

  3. Your wall looks Fab! I love the keyhole plagues as well.

    1. Thanks Kimberly! I actually bought those key plaques years ago at HL and never knew what to do with them--until we started hanging stuff for this project. Scott laughs that I go shopping in my own house! Oh well...


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