Pared Down (As If)

i made a highly vain and shallow goal this week of *getting myself more together* before i take annelise to school. as in i put on a smidge of makeup and change out of the t-shirt i slept in. believe me, the fact that i've followed through on this for four days so far is a big deal. one of my (many) issues is i have a hard time sticking to just a smidge of makeup, i tend to get carried away and go all full face at 7:30 in the a.m. silly. i know. i blame my mother, she was a makeup junkie.

i've managed to pare things down to bb cream (i recently started using skin79 bb cream which is an asian/korean brand, i like its coverage better than the garnier and l'oreal i'd tried and the fact it has really good ingredients for your face), a dab of concealer under my eyes and on any spots, a dusting of my laura mercier mineral powder, a swipe of bronzer (to look more alive and to try and contour my face*), a swish of bright pink blush on cheeks, a dab of maybelline eye tattoo bad to the bronze on my lids, a line of l'oreal voluminous eyeliner in slate along my top lashes, a quick eyelash curl, a swoosh of rimmel scandal eyes mascara (love this stuff), and a dash of lipstick and/or gloss before we hit the road.

i realize i just said i pared things down and that probably still sounds like a lot of stuff, and maybe it is but what can i say, i like make up and can freely admit to being high maintenance.

the worst kind is women who think they are low maintenance but are really high maintenance.

(name that movie.)

i haven't timed myself this week but i think from face wash, insertion of contacts and through my pared down (ha) morning makeup routine is less than 10 minutes.

and for me, that's progress.

here's a great four minute routine (maybe i'll get there someday)
*and here's a great tutorial about highlighting and contouring your face (i'm still practicing this, some days turn out better than others).

what's your pared down make-up routine like?

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  1. Looks good Holly! I blame you for my you tube addiction! You mentioned youtube tutorials a while back... I love all things makeup too! I know have several additions to my shopping list..it is dangerous! :) I have only used clinques bb cream. I think it is too greyish...I have a sample of dior and Bobbi Brown. So far I really like Bobbi Browns...Thinking of maybe trying Rachael K...Anyway..always fun to talk make up..Have a great day. Sue

  2. I think my daily routine is pared down. I could learn more about contouring, but I'm pretty lazy with the makeup routine, especially now that I'm spending more time on my hair.


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