Recital 2013: Wonderland Whimsy

Cue Glenn Campbell singing...
Last weekend was Annelise's dance recital weekend in Galveston, Oh Galveston. I say weekend because Friday afternoon/evening was their rehearsal on stage and then the actual performance was Saturday night, so the whole shebang kind of dominates a good portion of one's weekend.

They perform at The Grand Opera House in Galveston (in The Strand area for you locals) which is a lovely restored theater from the early 1900s, which makes it more special than performing in some random school gym, not that Annelise really cares about that but for some reason the tradition of having it there makes it more of, I don't know, a Thing.

This was Annelise's seventh recital.

Let's all pause for a sob and a cheer. I get rather nostalgic around recital time every year because while I'm thrilled to see her dance ability improve, I pine for my little three year old on stage in a rainbow sequined tutu.

Sigh. Sniff.

We stopped for a few pictures after rehearsal.

Then we moseyed on over to The Spot for supper.

As you do.
We'd never been there before ( I know! The shame!) and didn't really know what to expect, but it's the perfect relaxed beach-y dive joint for yummy burgers and other assorted fried foods.

Annelise ordered chili (what can I say, she loves her some  chili) in a bread bowl, took two or three bites (mainly those with the cheese) and promptly put the bread lid back on top and looked longingly at our burgers. They were nice enough to exchange her spicy chili for a neutral, yet apparently tasty hot dog.

Not only is the people watching highly entertaining there in the restaurant and along the sea wall (we had a stellar window view) you can also see the glowy lights of Pleasure Pier in the distance (the long-standing Flagship Hotel--a hotel out over the water on the pier--was destroyed in Hurricane Ike in 2008 and instead of rebuilding it a tourist trap amusement park thing took its place.

Saturday evening found us back in Galveston for the actual recital.

Warning: shocking bright red lipstick may be hazardous to your eyes.
Act I had a variety of dances, so Annelise performed her jazz routine, Don't Run Away, first. She was so excited to hang out with the girls backstage and was much more interested in them than me, but allowed me to snap a few photos as long as I was quick about it.
I tried to take photos during the performance but it's so hit or miss, mostly miss, since you can not use a flash (not that I use one regularly anyway) and we were sitting midway back and there was a pole to my right and big hair to my left and it's dark and there's all the dancing which means blur and I need much more camera practice with those kinds of situations.

(Annelise is in the middle here.)
(And at the far right here which is basically almost off stage from where we were sitting.)
During intermission I went back stage to help her with her costume change but as it turned out she didn't need me at all.


Act II was the play Alice in Wonderland and Annelise was a card.

Oh, that lipstick is killing me!

When they do a play, which is usually every other year or so, the high school girls act out/dance the main character roles and the various classes perform routines that go along with the story. Does that make sense?
Annelise's class, the Queen of Hearts cards, performed their tap routine near the end of the play. They entered the auditorium from the back, marched to the front and got to go up on stage from the front steps, all of which may not sound like that big of a deal, but if you're nine, believe me, it was.
She's second from the left below.

And please excuse the blur on the left, that was Big Hair in front of me.
Their dance was really cute and at the end they all lined up and then fell down like cards, which was fun.
My dad and Peggy weren't able to be with us, her grandson was graduating from college, so we missed having them as part of Annelise's fan club/entourage.

Since we had the night performance this year it kind of messed up our dinner plans (gasp!) meaning we couldn't eat out before the show because Annelise was all made up and in her costume so we were all starving by the time 9:30 rolled around.

We went to a Tex Mex place near The Grand that we like (The Original Mexican cafe for you locals) and thankfully they were still open (restaurants along the Sea Wall stay open late, others are hit or miss because certain parts of Galveston are sketchy). Annelise had changed from her costume into regular clothes but still had on her make up.


We got some odd looks.

Totally should have passed her a baby wipe in the car, at least for that atrocious lipstick.

Oh well. Live and learn.

*I'll post her dance videos once Scott uploads them to the computer which could be anytime between now and  whenever and Oh Yeah, I Forgot.
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  1. Oh, the spot! I just remembered that Brian and I drew a tree with our initials on it on the tablecloth right before we got married. *sigh* I love the spot.

    1. We really liked it too--can't believe we'd never been there, that's just wrong!

  2. Super cute and your caption about Big Hair made me laugh!

    What is the collage app you use?

    1. This collage was made with the PicFrame app on my phone, I use that one all the time. For photos on my computer I use PicMonkey.com, it's free and easy. :)


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