I love a good surprise, don't you?

Monday night, thanks to a few clandestine chats, emails and texts, The Girls and I were able to pull off a mini birthday surprise for Heather for her 40th birthday.

There she was, innocently tapping away on her iPad, when we burst into her family room bearing birthday treats and flamingo paraphernalia.

As one does.
Sorry for the blur, it was dark and my camera settings were off.

There, this is better.
We celebrated with red velvet cupcakes (oh they were divine!), coffee (iced tea for Kim!) and much loud laughter and much chit with a side of chat until the wee hours of the morning.
(Well, at least until 10:45, we're not spring chickens any more, ha!)

Happy Birthday Heather!! We love you to pieces!!

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  1. Loved it! Look how tired I look. ha! You girls are the best ever. Love you so much!

  2. and thanks for making my big 40 the best...


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