Scott and I celebrated eighteen years of marriage a few weeks ago.
(June 17th to be precise.)

(And when I say celebrated I mean we went out to eat at P.F. Chang's--our first time--meh--and brought cheesecake home--the Cheesecake Factory is across the parking lot from PFC--and watched Skyfall on Dish on Demand.)
Mango Key Lime for me (two forks up!) and Caramel Pecan Turtle cheesecake for Scott (two forks up!)

Sidenote: We nibbled on the cheesecake over two days, so three cheers for moderation.

Which actually worked out well because it took us two days to watch Skyfall. Starting a 2.5 hour movie after 8:30 is doomed, doomed I tell you.

(No offense though to Daniel Craig.)

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This & That on Thursday

THIS cat (Spunky) is living the dream.
THAT spot on the stairs is her (and her sister Spooky's) favorite, at least between the hours of 8 and 9 am.
I know, basketball camp is so last week, but I never posted THIS photo of Annelise after the last day. She loved the games and drills, doing the machine gun was her favorite.
THAT is some bright neon green polish. When you're inside it's not so retina burning, but once the sunlight hits, watch out.
Speaking of nails, my salon has changed management for the third time in, oh, something like two-ish years. I really liked the first lady (she went back to Vietnam), the second owner didn't last long because she was terrible and the third lady, Tracy, was really good but has supposedly returned to Vietnam as well. I'm on the fence about whether to stick it out or search for a new place. Is it a bad sign for a salon to change hands so often in less than three years? I'm guessing yes.

THIS happened Saturday morning.
THAT (five miles) was my longest run to date.
 It was brutal,  I ain't gonna lie.
I headed out around 6:30 am and truth be told, that was not early enough, what with the blazing sun already peeping out, no breeze and soul crushing humidity.  Even though I felt like a dork, I wore my Fuel Belt (see below, I'm holding it) to carry two bottles of Gatorade when I ran across the way to the not-so-new neighborhood where the bulk of my run took place.

Hydration. Don't skip it.

I even dashed through the sprinklers twice and was still toasty toast.
Hot. Is what it was.
Good news: thanks to last night's run (four miles) I'm now at 24/ #56milesinjune and will keep chipping away at the challenge bit by bit.
I can do hard things.
THIS is how Annelise is spending her mornings this week, at a friend's VBS.
THAT's my dumb thumb in the corner.
THIS little kitten (bottom right corner, look for the white tipped paws), her two kitten siblings and her mama were *dropped off* in our area and have started hanging around our porch.

Of course we are now feeding them.
We are suckers.
THAT's a fact.
THIS shopping spree happened one afternoon after VBS.
Can you guess which bag is for me?
Yeah, THAT box contains a hermit crab. Another hermit crab. 
We have a terrible hermit crab track record.
(May they all rest in peace.)
BUT this crab is from Florida (at least that's what the guy at the mall said), is very active and the largest crab we've had.
So far he (I'm assuming he's a he) is doing well.
Of course it's only been three days.
Given our dark hermit crab history, Annelise has held off on naming him, so as a joke I said we should call him Playa, as in Playa To Be Named Latah.

Hee hee.

I crack myself up.

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What I Wore Wednesday: Mint & Coral

Mint and coral.

I am a fan.

For me, this is the perfect color combo because it reminds me of sherbet, which since it's a frozen treat, it should, in theory, make me feel cooler in the raging heat and humidity otherwise known as summer in southern Texas.

Or maybe I should just start freezing my bra.
(Just keeping things classy with my nylon footsies showing, NBD.)

white ruffle tank: target, old
mint cardigan: j crew factory
boyfriend jeans: zappos
layered necklace: twisted silver
cuff: farmgirl paints (her shop opens again in september)
mint earrings: kendra scott
(thinking maybe I should've worn coral earrings instead, but whatevs)
coral ballet flats: j crew factory
watch: michael kors
What color combos are helping you keep your summer cool?
pleated poppy

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This & That on Thursday

THIS is how Annelise is spending a majority of her week, hooping it up at basketball camp.
THAT photo above, of course, only shows them sitting in their teams, but I promise they are busy practicing their skills, playing games and having loads of fun for hours.  It's Annelise's third summer to go to this camp and until Sunday morning she was still on the fence about attending this year because she would be with the *bigger* kids  for most of the day since she's going into fourth grade (it's divided 1-3 and 4-6, I think). She was balking at the whole thing and was prepared to boycott basketball camp until Coach Erica told her that she and another girl from church in her group could stay with the NCAA (younger kids) for one more year.

So, obviously, Basketball Camp  2013 was on like Donkey Kong.
THIS happened one morning after dropping Annelise off at camp.
I know, I know, THAT basket is full of clothes (two of which I need to return, hrumph) and snack-y foods, but I took the picture before I rounded the corner to the produce section to balance things out with some apples (I'm in red hot love with Honeycrisp apples, they are the JAM), cherries, bananas, sugar snaps, carrots, and celery.

However I didn't buy anything you could actually make into dinner, unless it's a snack-y type kind of affair, which really let's face it, it's summer, so whatever.

And? THAT Santa Fe Rice & Beans from Smart Ones is seriously DEE-lish and only 290 calories. I'm so happy I  bought four boxes!

THIS is one of Annelise's favorite things to do, the self-check out scanner thingie at the library.
THAT stack of books makes me insanely happy!

THIS has been happening a lot lately...
And some Turbo and ChaLEAN Extreme too.
All of THAT has made me feel sooooo much better. 
Running in the evening hasn't always been my jam, but it's growing on me. I'm steadily chipping away at my goal and am at 15/ #56milesinjune so far. I don't have a set plan for meeting this goal, I'm just randomly running however long I feel slash have time for right now. I hope things all shake out okay though and I'm not left trying to run 16 miles on June 30th or something.

That would be bad.

THIS also happened one day on the way home from camp.
Annelise was not overly impressed with the general size of the snack size (read: tiny). I was not overly impressed with their (McDs) interpretation of light cream. Who knew ordering a plain iced coffee was so subjective?

And finally, THAT drab old brown (the result of my failed DIY ombre attempts) is history and 
THIS is back.

THAT'S right y'all, the blond, the blond, the blond is back...(sing it like Elton).

A head FULL of foils, three bowls of bleach and three hours later, that is.

Annelise was the best trooper yesterday and held herself together until the bitter end, well, maybe until the last 15 minutes of the bitter end. Thank goodness for the salon couch, snacks, books, her iPod and episodes of The Brady Bunch on my phone.

It's actually a tad brighter in person and is rather shocking after four months of dark brown and miscellaneous other colors. Susan, my stylist, asked me if I knew the ends of my hair were tinged green. I sighed and said yes, that's from the bleach from my ombre and where the brown I tried to cover it all up with had faded. She also asked me if I had tried to follow a YouTube tutorial. I swallowed a bit of crow with a side of humble pie and sheepishly murmured yes.

Note to self: no more DIY hair for this chick.

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Five for Friday

01.) This week I decided I was a runner again and committed to the challenge of running (or more likely wogging=run-walk-slog) #56milesinjune (a hashtag and challenge on Instagram hosted by @HausofGirls).

I don't know what came over me.

Remember when I was going to run my age (44) during May?

Yeah, me neither.

(To clarify: I didn't run one stinking inch during May.)

So here's to June being 100% more runtastic.

02.) Annelise and I hit the streets two mornings this week for a total of FIVE miles. Whoop! Whoop!

(To clarify: 5/56milesinjune.)

She ran about half a mile or so with me and then either rode her scooter or her bike the rest of the way. Her bike was actually a life saver because she was able to carry our water in her basket. I normally put water in our mailbox but since we were venturing out across the way to the not-so-new-anymore neighborhood and would be away from our mailbox for a good long while, her bike basket came in handy.

Both mornings were brutally hot and humid, even around 9-10 AM was torture. We were highly thankful for the occasional breeze and cloud cover! 
03.) Truth: I've been really lax in my workouts and food choices these last, oh, several months really. I've gone from working out 5-6 days a week to, oh, 1-2 or none. Yeah. Most of the weight I lost last summer (10-13ish lbs.) has crept back on over the fall (Hey Disney cruise, I'm talking to you!) and early spring. Blerg.

So I'm re-recommitting to 5-6 workouts a week, either running, TurboFire or Insanity along with at least 3 strength workouts (ChaLEAN Extreme) a week.

This week's stats: 2 runs, 4 strength workouts and 3 TurboFire workouts. Whoop! Whoop!

I really do feel SO much better. I'm probably nicer too.

I'm also setting a goal of drinking a gallon of water (4 of my big pink bottles) a day (I met that goal today!) and practicing more moderation/cleaner eating.

I'll keep y'all posted.

04.) Annelise mastered her poolside Pringle snacking and flips off the diving board this week.
Dear Summer,
You are awesome.
(As long as I am at the pool with snacks, cool drinks and a good book.)

05.) We waited out a summer rainstorm with some FroYo last night.

As you do.
I got the Key Lime and it was a divine blend of tart and sweet.

(See, normally we'd get Marble Slab, so in a sense FroYo is a huge improvement.)

05a.) Do y'all use Google Reader to read blogs? If you're like me you're a bit crushed to hear that they are killing Google Reader as of July 1. If you're looking for a replacement you might try Feedly.com and/or Bloglovin' (even though they don't use a "g"). Both will slurp (read: transfer) your Google Reader subscriptions easily and they both have mobile apps. I haven't really used either yet, but have set up accounts with each so I'll be ready once Doomsday hits. Of course clicking directly over to blogs or subscribing to blogs through e-mail is another option.

Happy weekending, y'all!

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Miscellany Monday: Blur

Last week was the last week of school and, big surprise, it was a blur of crazy activity.

01.) Third grade took a field trip Wednesday to the Ronald McDonald House in Galveston. We have two in our area, one near the Medical Center for children going through cancer treatments and one in Galveston that supports children needing treatment at the Shriner's Burn Unit at John Sealy Hospital and families of premature babies at UTMB in Galveston.
(It's very close to our favorite Tex Mex place in Galveston.)
Our school had collected three tubs of soda can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House which is funded entirely through donations and supported by volunteers. The sweetest lady was our tour guide and shared lots of information and answered the kids' (many) questions.
There are several recreation rooms throughout the house for the children of all ages and the adults that stay there. There are also TV rooms, a class room, a community kitchen, a library along with several nooks and patios.
Each bedroom is decorated differently and about the size of a small dorm room.
The kids thought all the play areas were highly cool but I think they also walked away with a better understanding of the needs of the patients, a sense of gratitude and ideas for how they can help (donations not only of money but books, toys, clothes, pantry food and even baking cookies or preparing a meal for the residents).
After our tour we went to Shrieber Park for lunch and play.

For three hours. Or so.

Which is about two and a half hours too long.

I was a puddle.

But there was a gulf breeze and a huge fort/castle/play structure with lots of things to climb on and places to hide, so the kids had a blast.
02.) The next day, Thursday, was their end of the year party at the skating rink. And, yes, this was the third year in a row we've done that because we are nothing if not original (however, this year we ate pizza there instead of going to the park, because, seriously, I couldn't even). Most of the kids (the girls) had a great time skating while the boys spent their time in the bounce area or the arcade. Two boys declared they would never skate again. I guess we'll have to come up with something new for fourth grade.
03.) The last lunch and snack of third grade. Sniff.
04.) Because I'm so fresh and original Annelise's teacher gifts were the same as last year (mostly). Bright totes with a beach towel, sunscreen, and insulated cup with Crystal Light packs, nail polish and of course, Whoppers, to have a *whopper* of a summer. I'm also corny.
05.) Friday morning was the last chapel and awards ceremony.
Annelise also got a bible memorization certificate, A B Honor Roll for all year and some Astros vouchers. We are so proud of her hard work!

When I picked her up later she was red faced and distraught as she climbed in the back seat because several of her friends are not returning to WCA next year and they've been together since PreK and Kindergarten. She has known this for a while but I guess reality finally set in her tender heart.

05.) Friday evening we celebrated Scott's birthday and the end of third grade slash beginning of summer at The Cheesecake Factory.

As you do.
For some reason it was really, really hard this time to decide on a cheesecake to share. We didn't want to get three, I mean, yeah, we kind of did because then we could each have what our heart was set on (Banana Cream for Scott, Kahlua Coffee for me and the giant chocolate layer cake for Annelise) but not only would that have been gluttonous with a capital G, it would have been crazy expensive.

We settled on the 30th Anniversary cheesecake because you get a mix of true cheesecake and chocolate. Two of us were happy. Annelise mainly ate the icing blob and the end where all the chocolate bits were stuck.
And, while on the verge of gluttony, we took a slice of Oreo cheesecake home for later. Scott and Annelise loved it but I thought it was too Oreo-y and not cheesecake-y enough.

06.) Annelise's last soccer game was Saturday morning. After an undefeated season they faced off with a tough little team and it was tied 2-2 for a while and then in the agonizing last moments the other team scored another goal. Oh well.
Have I ever told you that the end of game hand tunnel slash high five thing gives me the heebs?

I hate all those sweaty high fives. Ugh.

I know, I am a dud.

We celebrated their season with pizza and drinks and treats after their game. One of the moms always puts together little goodie cups for each of the kids, which is really sweet because I can't even.
This was their second season with their coach, Coach Palco, who is AWESOME because not only is he like a soccer guru he's also very calm, positive and manages to encourage and instruct the kids without screaming during the game (or really anytime).
They had the best time playing with the sport ball that was in their goodie cup, taking turns swinging it low and jumping over. 
And a little bit later that afternoon found us at our favorite quick burger place.
Because, well,... yum!

Happy Monday--and more importantly, happy, happy SUMMER, y'all!

lowercase letters

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