Miscellany Monday: Blur

Last week was the last week of school and, big surprise, it was a blur of crazy activity.

01.) Third grade took a field trip Wednesday to the Ronald McDonald House in Galveston. We have two in our area, one near the Medical Center for children going through cancer treatments and one in Galveston that supports children needing treatment at the Shriner's Burn Unit at John Sealy Hospital and families of premature babies at UTMB in Galveston.
(It's very close to our favorite Tex Mex place in Galveston.)
Our school had collected three tubs of soda can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House which is funded entirely through donations and supported by volunteers. The sweetest lady was our tour guide and shared lots of information and answered the kids' (many) questions.
There are several recreation rooms throughout the house for the children of all ages and the adults that stay there. There are also TV rooms, a class room, a community kitchen, a library along with several nooks and patios.
Each bedroom is decorated differently and about the size of a small dorm room.
The kids thought all the play areas were highly cool but I think they also walked away with a better understanding of the needs of the patients, a sense of gratitude and ideas for how they can help (donations not only of money but books, toys, clothes, pantry food and even baking cookies or preparing a meal for the residents).
After our tour we went to Shrieber Park for lunch and play.

For three hours. Or so.

Which is about two and a half hours too long.

I was a puddle.

But there was a gulf breeze and a huge fort/castle/play structure with lots of things to climb on and places to hide, so the kids had a blast.
02.) The next day, Thursday, was their end of the year party at the skating rink. And, yes, this was the third year in a row we've done that because we are nothing if not original (however, this year we ate pizza there instead of going to the park, because, seriously, I couldn't even). Most of the kids (the girls) had a great time skating while the boys spent their time in the bounce area or the arcade. Two boys declared they would never skate again. I guess we'll have to come up with something new for fourth grade.
03.) The last lunch and snack of third grade. Sniff.
04.) Because I'm so fresh and original Annelise's teacher gifts were the same as last year (mostly). Bright totes with a beach towel, sunscreen, and insulated cup with Crystal Light packs, nail polish and of course, Whoppers, to have a *whopper* of a summer. I'm also corny.
05.) Friday morning was the last chapel and awards ceremony.
Annelise also got a bible memorization certificate, A B Honor Roll for all year and some Astros vouchers. We are so proud of her hard work!

When I picked her up later she was red faced and distraught as she climbed in the back seat because several of her friends are not returning to WCA next year and they've been together since PreK and Kindergarten. She has known this for a while but I guess reality finally set in her tender heart.

05.) Friday evening we celebrated Scott's birthday and the end of third grade slash beginning of summer at The Cheesecake Factory.

As you do.
For some reason it was really, really hard this time to decide on a cheesecake to share. We didn't want to get three, I mean, yeah, we kind of did because then we could each have what our heart was set on (Banana Cream for Scott, Kahlua Coffee for me and the giant chocolate layer cake for Annelise) but not only would that have been gluttonous with a capital G, it would have been crazy expensive.

We settled on the 30th Anniversary cheesecake because you get a mix of true cheesecake and chocolate. Two of us were happy. Annelise mainly ate the icing blob and the end where all the chocolate bits were stuck.
And, while on the verge of gluttony, we took a slice of Oreo cheesecake home for later. Scott and Annelise loved it but I thought it was too Oreo-y and not cheesecake-y enough.

06.) Annelise's last soccer game was Saturday morning. After an undefeated season they faced off with a tough little team and it was tied 2-2 for a while and then in the agonizing last moments the other team scored another goal. Oh well.
Have I ever told you that the end of game hand tunnel slash high five thing gives me the heebs?

I hate all those sweaty high fives. Ugh.

I know, I am a dud.

We celebrated their season with pizza and drinks and treats after their game. One of the moms always puts together little goodie cups for each of the kids, which is really sweet because I can't even.
This was their second season with their coach, Coach Palco, who is AWESOME because not only is he like a soccer guru he's also very calm, positive and manages to encourage and instruct the kids without screaming during the game (or really anytime).
They had the best time playing with the sport ball that was in their goodie cup, taking turns swinging it low and jumping over. 
And a little bit later that afternoon found us at our favorite quick burger place.
Because, well,... yum!

Happy Monday--and more importantly, happy, happy SUMMER, y'all!

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  1. Whew, ya'll have been busy! Loved the pictures of the Ronald McDonald House. My husband's family stayed in one here in Maryland when my sister-in-law was in a bad car accident years ago and was in rehab for a while. It's a great charity.


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