This & That on Thursday

THIS is how Annelise is spending a majority of her week, hooping it up at basketball camp.
THAT photo above, of course, only shows them sitting in their teams, but I promise they are busy practicing their skills, playing games and having loads of fun for hours.  It's Annelise's third summer to go to this camp and until Sunday morning she was still on the fence about attending this year because she would be with the *bigger* kids  for most of the day since she's going into fourth grade (it's divided 1-3 and 4-6, I think). She was balking at the whole thing and was prepared to boycott basketball camp until Coach Erica told her that she and another girl from church in her group could stay with the NCAA (younger kids) for one more year.

So, obviously, Basketball Camp  2013 was on like Donkey Kong.
THIS happened one morning after dropping Annelise off at camp.
I know, I know, THAT basket is full of clothes (two of which I need to return, hrumph) and snack-y foods, but I took the picture before I rounded the corner to the produce section to balance things out with some apples (I'm in red hot love with Honeycrisp apples, they are the JAM), cherries, bananas, sugar snaps, carrots, and celery.

However I didn't buy anything you could actually make into dinner, unless it's a snack-y type kind of affair, which really let's face it, it's summer, so whatever.

And? THAT Santa Fe Rice & Beans from Smart Ones is seriously DEE-lish and only 290 calories. I'm so happy I  bought four boxes!

THIS is one of Annelise's favorite things to do, the self-check out scanner thingie at the library.
THAT stack of books makes me insanely happy!

THIS has been happening a lot lately...
And some Turbo and ChaLEAN Extreme too.
All of THAT has made me feel sooooo much better. 
Running in the evening hasn't always been my jam, but it's growing on me. I'm steadily chipping away at my goal and am at 15/ #56milesinjune so far. I don't have a set plan for meeting this goal, I'm just randomly running however long I feel slash have time for right now. I hope things all shake out okay though and I'm not left trying to run 16 miles on June 30th or something.

That would be bad.

THIS also happened one day on the way home from camp.
Annelise was not overly impressed with the general size of the snack size (read: tiny). I was not overly impressed with their (McDs) interpretation of light cream. Who knew ordering a plain iced coffee was so subjective?

And finally, THAT drab old brown (the result of my failed DIY ombre attempts) is history and 
THIS is back.

THAT'S right y'all, the blond, the blond, the blond is back...(sing it like Elton).

A head FULL of foils, three bowls of bleach and three hours later, that is.

Annelise was the best trooper yesterday and held herself together until the bitter end, well, maybe until the last 15 minutes of the bitter end. Thank goodness for the salon couch, snacks, books, her iPod and episodes of The Brady Bunch on my phone.

It's actually a tad brighter in person and is rather shocking after four months of dark brown and miscellaneous other colors. Susan, my stylist, asked me if I knew the ends of my hair were tinged green. I sighed and said yes, that's from the bleach from my ombre and where the brown I tried to cover it all up with had faded. She also asked me if I had tried to follow a YouTube tutorial. I swallowed a bit of crow with a side of humble pie and sheepishly murmured yes.

Note to self: no more DIY hair for this chick.

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  1. 1. LOVE the necklace in the last pic. where did you get that?

    2. LOVE the #56milesinjune challenge. I don't have instagram (compliments of blackberry), so if you don't mind, I'll check in every once in a while and let you know how it's going. I'm at 14, so we are close... I can't believe you still go outside to run. I live in the DFW area, and unless I get up before the devil (which I won't),I have to go to the gym. Today I am in a mood because I wish never mind who would have never volunteered me for never mind what, because I never made it to the gym today. :( sigh...

    3. Cute hair. I loved it either way!

    1. Thank you! The necklace is from Stella and Dot. After hemming and hawing about it for several weeks I caved and bought it. And of course love it too. :)

      Good luck with your running! I usually head out in the evening between 7 & 8 and it's still humid but more bearable. I'd rather run in the mornings but my husband has to leave really early for his commute, so this is working for now.

  2. I love that necklace!! And I love your hair color and style. You look awesome! I have a DIY story, and not only my stylist commented (in a polite way) but one of the other stylists came overheard and came over to see...m'kay. That was a long, awkward 10 seconds for me in that chair!

    1. Thanks Anna! I was really missing my lighter look (although I liked being brunette, mostly) I felt washed out with such dark hair. Susan just laughed at me and got busy sticking foils in my hair. :)

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