This & That on Thursday

THIS cat (Spunky) is living the dream.
THAT spot on the stairs is her (and her sister Spooky's) favorite, at least between the hours of 8 and 9 am.
I know, basketball camp is so last week, but I never posted THIS photo of Annelise after the last day. She loved the games and drills, doing the machine gun was her favorite.
THAT is some bright neon green polish. When you're inside it's not so retina burning, but once the sunlight hits, watch out.
Speaking of nails, my salon has changed management for the third time in, oh, something like two-ish years. I really liked the first lady (she went back to Vietnam), the second owner didn't last long because she was terrible and the third lady, Tracy, was really good but has supposedly returned to Vietnam as well. I'm on the fence about whether to stick it out or search for a new place. Is it a bad sign for a salon to change hands so often in less than three years? I'm guessing yes.

THIS happened Saturday morning.
THAT (five miles) was my longest run to date.
 It was brutal,  I ain't gonna lie.
I headed out around 6:30 am and truth be told, that was not early enough, what with the blazing sun already peeping out, no breeze and soul crushing humidity.  Even though I felt like a dork, I wore my Fuel Belt (see below, I'm holding it) to carry two bottles of Gatorade when I ran across the way to the not-so-new neighborhood where the bulk of my run took place.

Hydration. Don't skip it.

I even dashed through the sprinklers twice and was still toasty toast.
Hot. Is what it was.
Good news: thanks to last night's run (four miles) I'm now at 24/ #56milesinjune and will keep chipping away at the challenge bit by bit.
I can do hard things.
THIS is how Annelise is spending her mornings this week, at a friend's VBS.
THAT's my dumb thumb in the corner.
THIS little kitten (bottom right corner, look for the white tipped paws), her two kitten siblings and her mama were *dropped off* in our area and have started hanging around our porch.

Of course we are now feeding them.
We are suckers.
THAT's a fact.
THIS shopping spree happened one afternoon after VBS.
Can you guess which bag is for me?
Yeah, THAT box contains a hermit crab. Another hermit crab. 
We have a terrible hermit crab track record.
(May they all rest in peace.)
BUT this crab is from Florida (at least that's what the guy at the mall said), is very active and the largest crab we've had.
So far he (I'm assuming he's a he) is doing well.
Of course it's only been three days.
Given our dark hermit crab history, Annelise has held off on naming him, so as a joke I said we should call him Playa, as in Playa To Be Named Latah.

Hee hee.

I crack myself up.

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  1. I hear ya on the disposable pets. I told my kids "No more fish". We had 3 fish die in about that many days. I can't take the pressure of keeping kids alive as well as pets. (Thank goodness cats are pretty hearty)


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