Running Report: #50milesinjuly


I did it.

52 miles total for #50milesinjuly

(Whomp! There it is!)

Two months ago I had absolutely no idea I would become so obsessed with running again, in the middle of summer no less, all because of a hashtag challenge on Instagram, but thereyouhaveit.
Something about these little hashtags clicked for me though and gave me a goal.
Apparently I'm goal oriented.

Even though the sweat is pouring, bugs are sticking to me (and occasionally being swallowed) (although I will break my no spitting rule if a bug is involved), music is blaring, and I might be huffing like a 3-pack-a-day smoker (I'm not)...I'm totally down with this running thing.


And it feels awesome.
I met my running group Saturday morning, at 5:45 mind you, and knocked out 7 sweaty miles.

It was hard.

But I'm glad I did it.

I love the challenge of pushing my body to do more, even when it doesn't particularly want to and I have to play the mental game of okay, run to that tree, good, now make it to that sign, alrighty then, let's go for the bridge...and so forth.

Running longer distances is 98% mental.

I finished this month's challenge Monday morning with a final 5 miles.

I was very thankful for late morning sprinklers.
Can I get a whoop-whoop?!?!

And? I think I would have racked up some more miles but I worked hard to finish early because of our upcoming vacation (stay tuned).

I can't wait to crush August!

Who's with me?

It'll be fun.
Pinky promise.

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  1. Way to go!

    I think I'm going to do it (despite traveling 3 out of the 4 weeks). I have several "races" on the docket for the fall, and I have a total of 10 miles under my belt since I got back to the states. I definitely need a kick in the pants!

  2. That is awesome and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are very inspiring.

  3. CONGRATS Holly on not only achieving but surpassing your goal for July! You truly are an inspiration to us all. I am on the journey of "taking my health" back. I have learned that it's not about the destination, it truly is about the journey itself. There isn't a "finish line" to being healthy, it's a life long commitment. Just think, each time you run, your body is only getting healthier which in turns helps you feel amazing. I will be cheering you on in the months to come! GO, HOLLY, GO!!! All the best, Carla from California

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